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    Moving to Idaho for work

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    Moving to Idaho for work

    On August 29, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    When we think about popular states for relocation, Idaho never crosses our minds. However, in the past few years moving to Idaho became a new trend. Especially for Californians. Many residences of California have made the decision to relocate to Idaho. For the most part, relocations to Idaho are motivated by business. Nevertheless, there are many other benefits of living in Idaho that can pursue somebody to pack up their lives and move to the Potato State. If you are obligated to move to Idaho for work, do not worry there are many pros when living in Idaho. To ease your mind here are some great facts about Idaho.

    Current job market dynamics in Idaho

    Since you are moving to Idaho mainly for work, it is important that you are familiar with Idaho’s job market. Otherwise, you might have a problem later down the line. Most employment in Idaho is concentrated on healthcare and government jobs. Also, agriculture is well developed in Idaho, so agricultural jobs are not far behind.

    Also, other job disciplines that are rapidly growing in Idaho are web development, real estate, property management and maintenance, animal healthcare, etc.

    Most importantly, unemployment rates are very low. Currently, unemployment rates are lower than 3%. What a phenomenal statistic! So, you are in the right place if you are ready to work on your career. Contact Verified Movers and let them manage your relocation to Idaho.

    Idaho’s population

    Surely you are not the only person thinking about or already moving to Idaho. Many have made that choice in the past decade. For some reason, it seems that the biggest number of migrations to the Idaho area coming from California. Since Idaho is not fast passed like California, it is understandable that many are attracted by a slower-paced lifestyle. In addition to the low cost of living, it seems like a great option. Consequently, the number of people living in Idaho is growing. The majority of residents are not born and raised in the Gem State. With all this being said, you should have an Idaho company in charge of your long distance relocation. Local movers will handle your relocation much better than out of state movers.

    Great place for fans of college sports

    Boise State fans are like no other fans. They are truly hardcore fans that follow their team every step of the way during the entire season. There are no professional teams in Idaho, so it makes sense that all sports fanatics are concentrating on the available college team. Organize your move in the spring. Not only is spring the best time to go through a move, but you will also be settled in by the time the college season starts. For this reason, moving to Idaho would excite my entire family.

    Capital building in Boise, Idaho.
    The capital of Idaho is Boise.

    Natural resources are all over the place

    Of course, there is no surprise that Idaho is known as the Gem State. Gem mining is a big part of Idaho’s economy. It might be the biggest mining industry in the United States. Especially if you ask Idaho residence because mining gems are their pride and joy. Gems and potatoes are the main representatives of this state. It is an odd combination, but it seems to work well for those that have chosen to live in this underrated state. If you want to move to Idaho, but you are still not set on your career path or you are a potential investor, explore the gems industry. In the end, If your wife knows this fun fact, she is probably already arranging affordable and reliable movers to get your move going. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

    Not a bad place for foodies

    Idaho is well known for American country-style food. This is a dream for those that enjoy comfort food. The best thing about Idaho’s cuisine is the very popular Idaho fry sauce. Thus, this is a mayonnaise-based sauce, that has hints of garlic powder, paprika, and mustard. I could get used to that combination. Very often this sauce is served with fried fish or other similar dishes.

    Two pieces of fried fish.
    In Idaho, fried fish is always served with Idaho fry sauce.

    The weather is to die for

    It is true that summers can get super warm and winters can be extremely cold. However, these extreme days are not that frequent and most of the time the weather is very enjoyable. One of the best things about Idaho is nature. But that means nothing if the weather holds you back from enjoying it. Most of the time, the weather in Idaho is pleasant which gives everybody the opportunity to spend some time outside. This is great for people that have pets. Hence, for those that have furry friends, make sure you help your animals move long distance. Moving is not only difficult for us, but also for our four-legged companions.

    River with rocks coming out of the water.
    One of the best things about Idaho is the untouched nature that is available to you.

    Agriculture is a big part of Idaho’s economy

    Many are moving to Idaho because they are involved in agricultural businesses. Idaho is known for its barely, onions, peas, mint, plums, trout and many other things. The soil in this state is filled with minerals and other elements that bust the growth of many agricultural species. However, we must not forget the world’s famous Idaho potatoes. When moving long distance, you forget important thing, but this is one thing that you cannot forget. If you are moving to Idaho be prepared to taste potatoes in 100 different ways. There are even recipes that mix potatoes and Idaho’s famous caviar.


    Moving to Idaho for work might be a bit of a shock for you and your family if you are relocating from a big city like New York or Los Angeles. People that live in Idaho are very different from the residence of big cities. It might take you a bit to find common ground. Once you do you will start enjoying all the great things that this state has to offer. So, embrace the potatoes and the gems and start being a true Idahoan.

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