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    Moving to a small apartment in New York City

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    Moving to a small apartment in New York City

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    Living in New York City is a dream for most people and now you can make it come true. Moving to the Big Apple provides many, many advantages. From business opportunities to an amazing nightlife. But, one of the bad sides is that most apartments are small and the prices are very high. That is the main reason why people choose to live in a smaller home. When moving to a small apartment in New York City, you should be prepared and ready for that big change in your life. Especially if you have ever lived in a studio apartment in a big city.

    A busy street in NYC

    NYC is crowded and the traffic is crazy, but it has its charm

    Everyone knows how much NYC is expensive and that it has very high costs of living. Even small places can be expensive, depending on the neighborhood. Manhattan is the most expensive. Be prepared and organized. It is the key to a successful move and, also, you will adjust faster after the relocation is over.

    Pros and cons of moving to a small NYC apartment

    Most apartments in NYC (especially Manhattan) are small. And people choose to live there because of the high living cost and rent. By picking the cheaper and smaller home, you will make moving to NYC on a budget possible. Here are some good and bad sides to this type of lifestyle:


    1. You will save a lot of money on rent. NYC rent is very high and that is why you should also consider finding a roommate.
    2. Utility bills are lower for a smaller apartment, of course. It is easier to cool it and to heat the apartment too.
    3. You will learn to multi-task when moving to a small apartment in New York City. Most items will be in the same room, dining table, TV, PC, etc.
    4. Cleaning will be fast and you will not spend too much time on it.
    5. When living in a small apartment, people usually spend more time outside.


    1. A problem with clutter will probably annoy you. Yes, you will clean fast, but because of lack of space, items will be everywhere and even the smallest clutter will look big.
    2. Finding furniture may be a little bit hard. And when you find it, you should figure out how to put it inside.
    3. If you want to throw a party or organize a dinner and invite people to come over, it will not be possible.
    4. Getting rid of your belongings is difficult, especially if you are emotionally connected to them. But, when the apartment is small, you will not have enough space for all of them. You should sell or donate your belongings before you move to NYC.
    5. If you are living with a family, privacy will not exist.
    A boxes for pros and cons

    Before you make the final decision, make a list of all bad and good sides of living in a small home in NYC

    How to pack and unpack when moving to a small apartment in New York City?

    Packing and unpacking tips are essential when moving, especially if it is the first time you are doing that.

    Before you start, make a plan – what to toss, keep, sell or donate. You cannot bring everything to your new NYC apartment. Even if it is big, most of your old furniture will not fit in. Keep it minimal and bring only the most important items. If you want to cut moving expenses, transporting only the essentials will save you money.

    When it is time to unpack all of your items, do not make clutter and unpack one box at a time. Keep it simple and do not put too many decorations around, and avoid dark colors (it will make your home look even smaller). Use mirrors to make an illusion of a bigger space and avoid sharp edges on furniture.

    Renting a storage unit in New York City

    Of course, it is not necessary to get rid of all items. There is always another solution. When moving to a small apartment in New York City, the fact is that you will have almost non-storage space for clothing, decorations, linens, etc.

    Searching for storage unit hen moving to a small apartment in NYC

    There are many types and sizes of storage facilities you can choose from

    Having a bigger place in NYC is expensive, but renting a storage space is a cheaper option. If you want to move like a pro and to still keep all of your household items and clothing, then find the right size storage facility. NYC has plenty of them. Calculate how many items you have to store and choose the perfect size. If you rent too big storage unit, you will pay more money.

    Finding a company to help you relocate to NYC

    And now that you are familiar with living in a small place and you are prepared for it, you can book a moving company and organize your big day. Finding a company for moving to NYC is stressful, but it does not have to be. You can hire a full-service moving company that can offer you a storage unit too. Anyway, a mover you choose must be certificated, insured, and reliable. Avi Moving, Inc is one of the NYC companies that may help you move. Do not hire the first company you find. Instead, choose a couple of them and compare them.

    A 5-star service company

    Find the best mover for your big NYC relocation

    Living in a big loud city that never sleeps is a big step in life that will bring a lot of opportunities. Moving to a small apartment in New York City will force you to make compromises and to change your lifestyle a little bit. But, on the other hand, it will bring other valuable things. Amazing nightlife, job opportunities, great people, delicious food, etc. Learn how to live in a small space in a big city.

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