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    Moving to a new home when your kids leave the nest

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    Moving to a new home when your kids leave the nest

    Staying in the same home after their children have left can be hard for some parents. Dealing with the new situation is not easy, especially if you consider the role of parenting that has been their main occupation for at least two decades. For that reason, moving to a new home when your kids leave the nest seems like a reasonable next move. Some may decide to sell their home to move closer to children, so they can see them more often. Others decide to take some time for themselves, explore the new possibilities and acquire new experiences.

    Moving to a new home when your kids leave the nest is not a bad idea

    It is not the end of the world. If you look at the situation from a different angle it may as well be called the new beginning. Of course, you will miss your kids but consider the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. It may be a perfect time for some changes, and changing your place of living may be a good starting point, but don’t rush.

    Give yourself some time before moving to a new home

    At this moment it’s important to give yourself some time to reflect upon the new situation. It is a huge change in your life, you will be sad, but it will pass. For the first time in a while try to understand yourself better and don’t make big decisions just yet. Leave it until the adjustment period is over and start thinking about your future plans. It may take a while, maybe a couple of months, maybe a year. However, don’t despair because the length of that kind of emotional transition is different for each person. Wait until you are feeling secure and start with small steps.

    a woman reading a book

    Relax and wait until you recover before making any life-changing decision.

    Make a wish-list before deciding on moving to a new home

    Considering your newly acquired freedom it’s time for you to make some serious planning and preparations. Think about the things you would like to do, places you would love to visit, or any activities you are willing to experience. But before taking any actual move, consider consulting your financial advisor for the optimal finance management. The good thing at this moment would be to plan for the future, to consider any retirement options or even a career change. Some savings plan for the years to come is a serious thought.

    Don’t neglect your health anymore

    The thing is, and many of us won’t admit but, we often neglect our health because of the work, because of the children, because of the… insert a random excuse here. We always have some excuses when it comes to our own health. But now, after our kids are off with their own life, there are no more excuses. Schedule a meeting with a doctor and do a complete health check. Also, make use of the new situation to catch up on your sleep. We all know how stressful and tiresome raising kids can be, and the first thing on the line of fire will be your body. So get a healthy dose of sleeping in order to recover your body, and try to keep the rhythm.

    Woman trying to do some exercises.

    Like it or not, but we often neglect our health.

    Stay in touch with your family whether moving to a new home or not

    There is no such thing as the same two families. Some will require to hear to each other on a daily basis while others are fine with once in a while. However, now is the right time to reinitialize the contact with the rest of your cousins. Who knows, but some of your relatives may be in a similar position.

    After the adjustment period is over


    After a certain amount of time, you will adjust to your new situation and it’s time to make some moves. The kids are on their way, your house is now huge empty space, so it might be a perfect moment to consider downsizing. Some with the more adventurous spirit may want to experience something totally different like, for example, switching your huge Brooklyn house for an apartment in Manhattan. There are many reasons to leave Brooklyn and move to Manhattan in your situation, and a new experience can be one of them.

    A street in Manhattan - moving to a new home may be a good idea

    Why not trying something new you never had a chance to try before.

    Get rid of clutter

    Don’t make the same mistake many parents do. They tend to keep their children’s belonging because of the sentimental value. When moving to a new home get rid of everything that is useless. If you are already downsizing there is no point to clutter your new place with items that no one needs. Organize a yard sale if you wish, donate the clothing to a charity, or simply put the things you don’t want to toss to a storage unit. Companies like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn are more than willing to help you with your belongings.

    Make home repairs

    In case you are keeping your old house, the absence of kids will be a perfect period to start doing some repairs in your home. Being occupied with children most of the time is reflecting badly on the house maintenance, so now you have the opportunity to change that.


    In case you are not moving to a new home¬†when your kids leave, then it’s time to redecorate the place. It is a great opportunity to make the home looks the way you always want it to be. Also, it is a chance to try something new and bring a new style in your home interior.

    Enjoy the traveling

    Setting up your new home base is done and now you are ready for some traveling. Since there are no kids to worry about while on the road, arrange a trip to a place you have always wanted to visit but you never had the time. Reconnect with old friends and maybe you will find a company for your traveling tryout. Soon enough, you will realize that there is a completely new life ahead of you. Your kids are still there, you can visit them whenever you like, but the level of freedom will be a totally new and intoxicating experience.

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