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    Moving out of your parents’ house – guide for young Newyorkers

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    Moving out of your parents’ house – guide for young Newyorkers

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    Moving out of your parents’ house is one of the biggest steps you have to make in your lifetime. It can be very stressful and depressing for some people. For others, it’s an amazing experience that they have been waiting to happen for a long time. No matter how you see this situation, you definitely need a guide for moving out of your parents’ house if you live in New York. There is no place on Earth that is similar to this city and this guide is going to help you handle everything New York tries to throw at you while moving out of your parents’ house.

    Mentally prepare yourself for moving out of your parents’ house

    Even though living without your parents seems amazing, it’s not that easy. Especially in New York. A lot of changes will be made to your lifestyle. You will have much less free time and many more responsibilities. Some people aren’t ready for this type of change in their lifestyle because they feel very comfortable the way they live now. This is why a lot of people feel depressed after moving away from their parents even if their parents live down the block.

    To avoid this from happening, you might want to start participating in things you don’t normally do around the house. Pay the bills, change a lightbulb, make lunch, go grocery shopping. Doing these things will give you a taste of what it’s like to handle a lot of things financially at once.

    A receipt after grocery shopping you will have to do by yourself after moving out of your parents' house.

    Do things you don’t normally do to get a taste of the responsibilities you are going to have once you move out.

    Talk to your parents

    A lot of young adults have a fear of opening up to their parents about their future plans. This can be a fatal mistake. Your parents are the ones that are going to help you as much as they can if they can help somehow. Being upfront and open will show them that you are independent enough to make big decisions on your own. This will only make them support your decision even more even though it is hard for them to do that. Talking to your parents about this is going to create a much stronger bond between you.

    And all this won’t be big news to them once you get everything prepared for the move. You are not the only one who is potentially going to have some difficulties in this situation. Your parents are the ones who will also need to adjust to a home without you in it. And once you move away, your relationship will change. Even though you won’t see them as often as you do now, you will appreciate them much more than you do now. It’s something that happens to everyone.

    Now that you found your apartment…

    Once you’ve done everything to prepare yourself mentally for this it’s time to find your future home. And as you’re living in New York, this task is going to be very hard. You will most like be moving to a small apartment either alone or with a friend or a significant other. But how exactly to do this relocation properly?

    A street in NYC.

    You will most likely be living in a small studio apartment that is over-priced.

    1. Find a moving company

    Even though New York is very expensive, having a DIY move as your first move ever can be very risky as it can be very stressful and a lot of things could go wrong. This is why it is always good to find a reliable moving company like the one at, for example. No matter what moving company you choose, it is always best to have movers by your side during this process.

    2. Get the necessary packing supplies

    Now that you have your moving day set, you need to purchase packing supplies. When getting packing supplies, you need to make sure boxes are durable enough for you to pack everything you have in them. If the boxes aren’t durable, there is a big chance for your belongings to get damaged along the way. You will also need:

    • bubble pack – for breakable items
    • wrapping paper – for wrapping things so they don’t get scratched
    • tape – for securing the boxes and the items that you wrapped in wrapping paper
    • markers – for labeling your boxes
    • bags – for packing your clothing.
    Packing supplies.

    Get the right packing supplies for your move.

    3. Start packing on time

    Starting your packing process on time can be a lifesaver. While packing, throw away the things that you don’t need. Also while doing this, figure out what are the things that you need and you don’t own. Towels, bed covers, pillows, plates, etc. These are the things that you don’t normally own if you are living with your parents. If you want, ask your parents to borrow some of these things. They sure have some extra ones that they could give you. And if not, start saving money for them.

    4. Keep track of everything

    The best way to stay organized during your relocation is to keep track of everything that you do. This is very easy to do, you just need to make a moving checklist. You can do this with a pen and paper or you can create a document on your phone or computer. Either way, this is a very important step of every successful relocation which is exactly what you want to have.

    5. Unpack as soon as possible

    Even though you might be busy with work or your studies, you want to unpack as soon as possible. Why? Well, this is going to make adjusting to this new lifestyle much faster and easier.

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