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    Moving out of New York for a better job – should you do it?

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    Moving out of New York for a better job – should you do it?

    You certainly did not think that moving out of New York is going to happen. This thought is based on the fact that New York is the city where dreams are made. But also the fact that so many people come here to pursue their careers and opportunities. Let us tell you this, there so many itty, bitty details involved. The thing is, depending on how far you are going, crossing state lines, or a few cities over, even going abroad. You need to be as organized as possible so you keep your sanity along with your new job. Moving for work is a different game than simple moving. That goes especially for moving out of the big apple. Of course, you never know when that special offer is gonna come, that career-changing event. Whether you have three months to get everything squared away or a mere three weeks, we will provide much-needed advice!  

    laptop, notepad, and coffee prior to moving out of new york for a new job

    Once that career-changing offer arrives to take it without hesitation!

    Knowing the why:

    On this part, it is not about why choose to why are you moving out of New York City, but moreover what brought you to the city. Think about what drew you to it, was it something practical, job, education perhaps, or a dream to turn the world upside down. Knowing what brought you is important as knowing why you want to move away.  Moreover, as soon as you know you are moving or moving locally,  start looking at community profiles within commuting distance. Do some advance research on housing expenses and the cost of living in your new location. We mean like this, you get a new salary out of NYC. But, what if the living costs exceed those of your previous ones, not that great is it. It comes down to local economy expenses. You need to be aware that it takes time to gain familiarity with a new area.  This process can, more than likely, take some time to work through.  

    man signing a contract

    Before signing that new job contract, it is important to know why you arrived in NYC and why to leave, clear goals!

    Moving out of New York preparation:  

    The key feature to remember here is, create a budget. Now some of us might not be the create a list type of people, but for a new career and new life, it is important, on that you surely agree. Moving costs can and will add up quickly. You need to have a clear sense of what you are going to spend, to that last cent. The last thing you need is an insane credit card bill just as you are ready for the new paycheck in not so familiar city. Moreover, by keeping track of your moving expenses is something you need to create a habit of. And be responsible for all the associated costs.  The tight budget you create is there to enable you to know what you afford and what comes later.  Indeed, yes there are items that are non-negotiable, but other nonessential things you can hold off on purchasing.  Make sure to include everything you can possibly think of when you raw this up. Things like packing boxes, movers, startup cable and internet costsAnd in case you want to move your bulky instruments in no time we got that too.

    Moving out of New York create a network:  

    Just like prior to receiving that major life-changing offer of a new job outside NYC you have friends and community behind you. When you arrive at you new city, do not forget to insert yourself into the new community. Do what you can to get new acquaintances and perhaps new friends, basically start building your own network. Having a strong and thriving professional community is a great asset. It is crucial even when you are content in your current role. To make a new network from the ground up in a new city, get a habit of saying yes. Make an effort to get out.  Take advantage of your office’s social gatherings. Having pals around the workplace makes the time go faster. Also getting to know your coworkers is a great way to expand your network. In the long run, it is a sure thing that you are glad of, to accept invitations.  And before all of that pack and move out of NYC.

    woman jumping prior to moving out of new york for a new job

    Once you land that career kick start opportunity take it!

    Moving out of New York make appointments right away:  

    Once you settle in your new home and are ready to make a move. Be sure to take care of transitional details that can turn into a hassle. Have utility services, like gas, electricity, internet turned off in your previous home and turned on in the new one. It goes without saying, there is a lot involved in job relocation. Especially if you are moving out of New York, the most populous city in the States. Plus you want to nail it at your first week on the job, and not to thing whether you brought kitty litter. The many moving parts mean you should try to be as organized as possible from the start. In case there is a possibility, give yourself a few days to get to know your new surroundings. But in general, you are not the first in your company that went through this.

    Thing is, you are not alone in this, many did it before, and perhaps some of your new colleagues as well. People that have been there, done that and are more than happy to share some wisdom and advice. And an additional tip from is that this is a great starter of conversation over the morning coffee. But be patient, takes time to settle in, get details done but before long your career will prosper the way it could not in NYC. And that is what this was about, using the opportunity ahead to get your career going. Moreover, who knows, you might return to the Big Apple in a splendid manner. 

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