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    Moving in together in NYC: consider these 3 things

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    Moving in together in NYC: consider these 3 things

    Moving in together in NYC is a challenge for every couple. The energy of the city, the opportunity to meet unusual people who work in various professions, the best bars and restaurants in the world are the things that make life in New York exciting. Before embarking on such a venture, make sure to know all the facts about living in the big city.

    Be prepared to live on a strict budget!

    Those who consider moving in together in NYC should start saving early. New York City is an exciting and attractive place to live, but what it’s like to live in it? According to research, New York has three of the ten areas in America with the highest cost of living. The most expensive is Manhattan, followed by Brooklyn. The standard of living in Manhattan is two or more times higher than the national average.

    The location will influence your rent. If moving in together in NYC from another state, try to minimize your expense. Do the research and hire a reliable moving company, that will help you move easily from any part of the US. When making a list of your budget you will need to include:

    Rent. Make sure to choose a location to match your budget and your needs

    Hiring a moving company. It is important to save money moving in

    Food money. The costs of dining out can be very expensive.

    Transport expenses (bus, cab, subway…). You will likely have to use it a lot

    Parking expenses. Monthly cost of your parking space is over 600 dollars.

    Two people moving in together in NYC.
    Everything will be OK as long as you have each other!

    Moving in together in NYC is a big step!

    Moving in together for the first time can be a bumpy transition. You have to be certain the relationship will last in order to avoid having to move around. Make sure you know your partner well before deciding to take this step. Still, no matter how much you know someone, moving in together in NYC will be a challenge. In order to make your life easier, establish some ground rules.

    The most important would be – shared expense, chores distribution, and privacy boundaries. I know putting it like that may sound like a business arrangement. But, it is essential to make your sharing life space comfortable and neatly. Have in mind you will probably have to share a very tight living space.

    Making your new place feels like home

    Having to share living space with someone is one thing, but sharing a home is something special. Being in your shared place should make you feel good. No matter how small your apartment can be, there are ways to customize it perfectly. With modern designs, today we have a bunch of practical things that can fit into small places. Explore those options and maybe even engage in DIY projects.

    A small NYC apartment.
    No matter how small you apartment can be, you can always make it cozy

    Make sure your partner agrees with your decisions because it is his living space too. When moving in together in NYC you will have to agree on stuff both of you will bring into. Everything is possible when you have a common understanding and you want to support each other.

    Living in Big Apple is a dream to many, so think less about the cost of living and enjoy moving in together in NYC with your special someone. It will be a bumpy ride, but it is a city of possibilities, even though it has its downsides. After considering all this, are you ready to try your luck/life in one of the most attractive cities in the world?

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