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    Moving from NY to Florida after Retiring

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    Moving from NY to Florida after Retiring

    Florida constantly ranks on the top of the board as the highest inbound state. This means that more people are moving into this state than they’re moving out. And the retirees are not the only people drown to Sunshine State. Recent studies have shown that more than a thousand relocations happen every day in Florida. And there is no wonder why. At the end of the day, it is famous for its warm weather, fantastic economy, and no income taxes. If you’re considering moving from NY to Florida after retiring, there are things that you should know. Both about Florida and how to get there.

    What to know prior to moving from NY to Florida after retirement

    The weather is strange in Florida

    The beautiful postcard weather is always one of the most important factors for retiring in Florida. Cold weather may even be one of the reasons for moving out of New York. However, if it doesn’t snow it doesn’t mean that the weather is always perfect. Yes, most of the year go by with lots of sun. But know that Florida is very prone to thunderstorms. Tropical storms and hurricanes that come from the Atlantic are also a pretty usual thing here.

    On the other hand, hurricane season is not long and it goes by pretty quickly. People in Florida are used to this, so things come back to normal in no time.

    Strong wind blowing on the beach.
    Although moving from NY to Florida after retirement will bring a lot of sunshine into your life, scenes like this are fairly common in Florida.

    Forget about the taxes

    No one likes paying taxes, right? Well, when moving from NY to Florida after retiring, you can forget about them. That’s right, Florida is a zero tax state. There are only seven states in the U.S. that don’t have a state income tax, and this is one of them. Although rent and utilities are not cheap, they’re far more affordable than anything in the Big Apple. And you can be sure about that.

    There’s much less public transportation

    If you’re used to zipping around New York using the subway, you won’t like this. But you will need a car for getting pretty much anywhere if you decide to live in Florida. However, there are cities that have more than a decent public transport network. If you don’t have a driver’s license, or you simply don’t want to drive consider Miami as your retirement city. It scores very well at walkability and bike-ability as well as at the transit.

    Think about buying a home when moving from NY to Florida after retiring

    If you already have a home that is yours in New York, you can sell it and downsize in Florida for much less. The median cost of a home in Florida is about $200,000, but it can go much lower if you don’t need much space. One thing that people moving across the Sunshine State are all conclusive on is that you can find a house that suits your needs in this state, no matter how big your budget is.

    A type of house that you can buy in FL when moving from NY to Florida after retirement.
    Buying a home is usually the best idea for retirees in Florida.

    There’s a lot happening outdoors

    If you love spending time outside and if you want to have an active retirement, Florida for sure is the place for you. There is much more than 1200 miles of sandy beaches here. The Sunshine State has 160 state parks and three national parks. You can do anything from kayaking and camping, all the way to swimming and fishing in this beautiful state.

    There is one more thing. Your grandchildren will love Florida too. You’ll have Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios among other things at your disposal. Many fun trips and family memories are waiting to happen.

    What to know for successful moving from NY to Florida after retiring

    Now that you know everything that you need to know about Florida, do you still want to retire here? Of course, you do. And we congratulation you on the decision. But, before the moving day comes, here are some tips for making the relocation comfortable, safe, and without any relocation stress involved.

    Schedule your move

    It can never be too early to start planning if you’re moving from NY to Florida after retirement. The logistics are the most important thing about your move and you should get a grip with them as soon as possible. Now, driving a rental truck for a thousand miles won’t be a nice experience for anyone, especially for an elderly citizen. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a good and reputable moving company like Purple Heart Moving Group. Be sure that the company you hire has the US DOT license, and that it has insurance that will protect your belongings. This is a long-distance move so you don’t want to leave anything to the case.

    Get rid of the old clothes

    If you lived in New York your whole life chances are that you are used to cold weather. However, it is likely that it will be 90 degrees already when you arrive in Florida. Therefore, you should get rid of anything that you won’t need. Try to throw away as little as you can. Donating is always the best idea when it comes to getting rid of the stuff.
    Also, explore warm weather clothing prior to the move. Find out what you will need and what suits you. When you arrive at your new home, the only thing that you’ll need to do is to go shopping.

    A metal box with ''donations'' written on its side.
    Donating anything you don’t need is always a good call.

    Pack and label everything

    It is best to start packing about a month prior to the moving date. Gather all the boxes and packing materials that you’ll need and start boxing your least-used items. Don’t rush and bring with you only the things that you will really need. There is no point in packing something, transporting it all the way to Florida and then not using it ever again. Think about that and pack smartly.

    Along with packing, make sure to label each and every box when moving from NY to Florida after retiring. This will help not only the movers, that will know how to handle different types of belongings, but also you. When the time of unpacking comes you will thank yourself.

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