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    Moving from New York to Idaho to save money – affordable cities to consider

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    Moving from New York to Idaho to save money – affordable cities to consider

    Moving from New York to Idaho to save money will bring a massive difference to your life. You will start a new job from scratch and have to adapt. Meet new people and become friends, which can take some time. Deal with the relocation process and find a new place to live. We can not help you with all aspects of moving to a new state, but we can make some things more comfortable. Looking for an affordable place to live in Idaho can take a lot of time. To save time, Local Moving New York will tell you about affordable cities to consider in Idaho. 

    How will you save money by moving from New York to Idaho? 

    Before we get into affordable places, let’s see how you will save money by relocating to Idaho from New York. Simply, by moving to Idaho, your daily expenses will reduce. New York is 20 % more expensive than the national average. Idaho is 4% less expensive than the national average. Next, we will break down how much you will be paying less for daily expenses in Idaho. 

    • First, groceries are 21% more expensive. This means you can buy more groceries in Idaho or go for higher-quality products. 
    • Second, you will pay 8% less for your healthcare in Idaho.  
    • Third, utilities are 25% more expensive in the state of New York
    • Fourth, transportation is 100% less expensive than in Idaho. 
    • Finally, we left the biggest difference in cost for last, the real estate market. When it comes to median home cost, Idaho is a bit more expensive. The median home cost in Idaho is around 400,000 dollars, and in New York around 375,000 dollars. But the difference is made up when you see the cost of rent in New York. Renting a place in New York is three times more expensive than in Idaho. Therefore, if you are renting in Idaho, you can upsize your home
    person holding money for moving from New York to Idaho
    After moving from New York to Idaho, you will reduce your costs no matter where you live.

    As you can see, Idaho is overall a lot less expensive than New York. You will not struggle to find affordable places to live in Idaho because there are many of them. When you find that reasonable price city in Idaho, let relocate you there. Now you know how much money you will save by relocating to Idaho, let’s move on to our recommendations. 

    Check out Nampa

    The first city we will talk about is Nampa. Nampa is a mediums size city with 100,000 residents. It is only 20 miles away from the capital, Boise. 

    When it comes to affordability Nampa is 3% less expensive than the state average and 5% less expensive than the national average. Compared to New York, it is 25% less expensive. You can buy a home in Nampa for 380,000 dollars or rent a place for between 700 and 17000 dollars. 

    The best thing about Nampa is that it is quiet and has a welcoming community. You are only 20 miles away from Boise and can get all the benefits of the capital. From the job opportunities, restaurants, and fun activities without the higher cost of living and all the negatives that come with living in a big city. 

    But you do not have to go to Boise to have fun. Nampa has plenty of arts and culture events. If you want to catch an exciting rodeo show, go to the Ford Idaho Center. Besides rodeo, you can watch sports games, concerts, and other events in the Ford Idaho Center. For more art shows, you can visit the Brandt Center or the Civic Center. There is also an Annual Festival of the Arts. And if you want to support local sellers, go to the Farmer’s Market any time from April to October. 

    Person Giving Fruit to Another
    The Farmer’s Market is a great place to meet people in Nampa.

    Moving from New York to Idaho to save money – Caldwell 

    The second affordable city in our article is Caldwell. Caldwell has half the population of Nampa, and it is 27 miles away from Boise. It gets all the same benefits Nampa gets from being close to Boise. 

    When it comes to the cost of living, it is even more affordable. It is 5% more expensive than the average cost of living in Idaho and 7% more affordable than the national average. It is 27% less expensive to live in Caldwell than in the average city in New York state. The median home cost in Caldwell is 367,000 dollars, and the rent is between 700 and 1650 dollars. 

    The city organizes many events to keep the citizens entertained. There is the 4th of July Celebration, where you can join a 5K or a 1K. Besides, the run the day is filled with many activities for adults and children. There is live music in the park, a watermelon eating contest, and many more activities. 

    The most exciting thing in the city is the Indian Creek Festival. A two-day festival that brings the whole community together. There are art content and local vendors put out their products on many stalls. And the culmination is a competition, where teams try to build a waterproof kayak out of cardboard. For families, there is the Caldwell Family Fun Day. Where families are bound together by fishing and many games for all ages. Besides the festival, you can take your kids to the city pool or the skate parks. 

    Beach ball in pool
    Relax in the Caldwell public pool when the summers get hot.

    Caldwell has something for everybody, so team up with local experts and relocate there. With them by your side, you will be in Caldwell, saving money in no time. 


    Moving from New York to Idaho to save money is an excellent idea. Idaho is generally less expensive than New York. And if you relocate to one of the affordable cities from our article, you will save money with no problems. And to further make your relocation to Idaho more comfortable, create a floor plan for your home in New York.

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