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    Moving from CA to New York – how to make your cross country move easier

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    Moving from CA to New York – how to make your cross country move easier

    Moving from one coast to the other can seem like a difficult task. And that is correct. You will be literary moving from one side of the continent to the other, and from one ocean to another. However, both California and New York experience a large inflow of people from all parts of the world, and people are willing to go through all the difficulties just to be able to live in one of those two places. You’ll be an interesting case – you’ll be moving from one of the most desired places in the US to another. So, moving from CA to New York. Is it manageable and how can you make it seem like a breeze?

    Moving from one coast to another is almost impossible without any professional help

    If you want your coast-to-coast relocation to be successful, you need to work with professionals. That means that it is not recommendable to even think about moving on your own. You probably have a lot of stuff with you, and there is no way that you are going to relocate them all. Also, the distance is gigantic, and if you don’t want to drive with all of your stuff to NY, it is better to call a reliable and professional moving company in help. People move to New York every day, and the vast majority of them use the services of moving companies. And your kind of relocation is exactly why moving companies like Rapid Moving Company exist. So, try to hire an interstate moving company for your move, and your stuff will be transported to New York without any problems. It is quite cheap and it is reliable. Just try to find the right moving company.

    Moving from CA to New York with a truck.

    Moving from CA to New York is not an easy task.

    Make all of your travel arrangements in advance

    It would be best not to wait until the last minute to book your trace arrangements. Be sure to book and schedule everything so you can avoid and solve any problems in time. Try to plan your route carefully. Take some maps with you (or simply use some of the available online maps), and plan everything. If you have a family or someone you know in any state between CA and NY, now may be the right time to give them a visit. And that means that you’ll have to include that in your travel plans. So, book your flights and hotel reservations in advance and stick to your plan so you can speed up your moving to NYC.

    Pack properly for your moving from CA to New York

    If you don’t want to be anxious when you think about your stuff when they’re in the move, you need to pack your belongings properly. If you want to organize your relocation like a professional make sure to organize your packing first by making a plan of how are you going to execute your packing. There are a few ways in which you can organize your packing process. The most common way in which people do their packing is by going room-by-room. Also, you can separate your stuff into the things you’ll need in your new NY home and things you won’t need when you arrive there.

    Get rid of unnecessary stuff

    Most moving companies have a system of moving quotas and calculate the cost of travel in weight. If you want to save some money, try to get rid of some of your unnecessary stuff. How can you do that?

    The first way is to sell your stuff. You can either organize a backyard sale, or you can simply sell your stuff online. The second method is more feasible today since you’ll reach a wider base of customers. By selling your unnecessary stuff you’ll make some money with which you can cover some of your moving expenses.

    Sale word scramble.

    You can always sell your stuff. Do it either by organizing a backyard sale or by selling online.

    The second way to get rid of your unnecessary items is to donate them. A donation is a humane act of giving, and by doing that, you’ll help someone who is in need of your stuff.

    And the third way is to simply throw your stuff away. Try to follow ecological laws when you are throwing away your stuff. Many of those stuff moving companies won’t move. Remember, the distance from CA to NY is great, and that distance is multiplied with the weight that’s being relocated to NY.

    Don’t forget to bring important paperwork and valuables with you

    One thing you mustn’t forget when you’re moving to New York is to bring your important paperwork and valuables with you. Without the paperwork, it can be impossible to move. You’ll need your documentation anywhere you go, and if you are going to book flights and hotel reservations, you need to have the most important paperwork with you. Also, you should bring your valuables, such as money and jewelry with you. Those are the things that shouldn’t be left with anyone you don’t know. So make sure to pack your valuables and paperwork in a secure bag, and keep a close eye at all times on it.

    Pack an essentials bag

    When moving from California to New York, it is important to have a bag with essentials with you at all times. This is a bag that contains everything you will need in the days leading up to move, as well as a few days after. Bag of moving essentials should include toothbrushes, medication, important documents, paper towels, toilet paper, clothing, important documents, and so on.

    Person holding a bag.

    Have a bag which you can carry with you.

    Upgrade your insurance

    Most serious moving companies have an insurance policy, but there might be some cases in which you won’t be compensated fully if something goes wrong. This is why you should purchase your moving insurance before you start moving to New York. For more comprehensive coverage, you should purchase moving insurance from a third-party insurance company.

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