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    Moving from a house to an apartment

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    Moving from a house to an apartment

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    Moving from a house to an apartment can be considered a downgrading. But, is it really? Living in an apartment has its advantages and some people just love living in a building. If you are moving from a house to an apartment, don’t feel disappointed. On first glance, it really looks like a step back.  After reading this article you will find that moving from house to apartment can actually be a step forward for you. Pick a good neighborhood and you will smoothly adapt. Of course, living in an apartment is not for everyone. Some types of people can find that living in an apartment building is not suited for their lifestyle.

    Differences between living in a house and in an apartment

    Here are some of the most obvious differences between living in a house and in an apartment:

    • Space. The first thing you’ll notice when moving from house to an apartment is that you now have less space.
    • You’ll no longer own a backyard.
    Houses with backyards.

    If you own a backyard you’ll have to work to maintain it.

    • Maintenance. House maintenance is far more complicated and expensive to manage.
    • Neighbors’ proximity.
    • Security. Although many houses are equipped with alarm systems and cameras, just the position of your apartment in the building makes it safer than a house.

    Difference in space between a family house and an apartment

    The biggest difference between living in a house and in an apartment is the amount of living space. If you are used to a large family house, moving into a smaller apartment can be very stressful. Don’t be discouraged, as very soon you will realize what are all the benefits of living in a smaller space. For example, smaller living space requires less furniture. Cleaning a smaller apartment is easier than cleaning a house, and the maintenance and utility costs are much lower. It is crucial that every person has enough space and their own room.  If that is the case, you can enjoy all the benefits of living in a smaller apartment.

    Owning a backyard

    Another big change you will notice when you move to an apartment is that you’ll no longer own a backyard. That can be good or bad, depending on your own preferences. Maybe you like owning a backyard and working in your own garden. Growing your own food can be very rewarding and choosing an apartment with a balcony can be a small substitute. There are many fruits or vegetables that can grow out of a pot, so you can still have your own micro garden.

    Building balconies filled with plants.

    People living in apartment buildings found a way of having their own gardens.

    Although, that mostly depends on your balcony size and the direction your apartment is facing. Of course, if your balcony is facing a brick wall of another building, then you can’t expect to have much success with your balcony garden. On the other hand, maybe you hate gardening and the backyard was only a burden to you. In that case, you will probably like living in an apartment.

    Home and apartment maintenance

    As you probably know, keeping your house in good condition can be very complicated and expensive. Depending on your skills you can lower the cost of your repairs by doing all the work by yourself. If that is how you like to do things, then you’ll know how much time and work you’ll need to invest if you want your house to be well preserved.

    Of course, if you don’t have the time or the skills to do house repairs, you’ll need to find a good repairman. Finding a good and honest repairman can be a daunting task. If you had some experience with hiring a contractor or repairman, then you know this is true. Not to mention the cost of not doing the maintenance yourself. On the other hand, apartment buildings, in most cases, already have a person in charge of the maintenance. Maintaining a smaller apartment is also much cheaper than maintaining a large house.

    Living in a building is like living in a small community

    One thing that will be the hardest to get used to are the neighbors. The first thing you will notice is that you can hear your neighbors through the walls. So, you will have to learn to live without making too much noise. Loud music or arguing can be heard throughout the building and you don’t want to be a star of the latest gossip. Especially when you are new and you want to make a good impression.

    Also, you should avoid jumping, running and similar activities when you live above other people. If you have children prepare them in advance for life in new surroundings. They like to run or play with a ball inside the house. After moving to an apartment building, those activities should be reserved for playgrounds. If you follow the rules of living in an apartment you will have no problems getting along with your neighbors.

    Safety benefits of living in an apartment

    These days, people invest so much in home security systems. All the cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and so on, will cost you money and that is something that your new building already has. In most cases, there will be a security guard and intercom at the entrance door.

    An apartment building entrance.

    Building entrances are usually equipped with an intercom system.

    Also, pure logic says that an apartment position inside the building makes it harder for someone unwanted to access your home. With the security guard at the entrance and all the neighbors, it is much safer than a house.

    Moving from house to apartment leaves you with excess furniture

    When you decide to move from a large house to a smaller apartment there will be less space. So, you will need to get rid of all the excess stuff that you have. Make a list of all the furniture and large items that take a lot of space. Decide what goes with you and then sell, donate or recycle the rest. If you have stuff that you would like to keep, but you don’t have enough room in your new place, consider renting storage. It is not a cheap option but if you really need to keep some of your stuff, then that is your best solution.

    Picking a reliable moving company when moving from a house to an apartment

    There are many reputable moving companies in NYC and you will have no problems finding a good one. Just search the internet and take the time to read the reviews on their websites. After you find a good moving company to help you with moving from a house to an apartment in New York, try to relax so you can avoid relocation stress. Yes, leaving a large house and moving to a smaller apartment is a big change. But, you can quickly adapt if you embrace all the benefits of living in an apartment in New York.

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