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    Moving day of an average New Yorker

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    Moving day of an average New Yorker

    New York is a very popular moving destination for people all over the country. This is one of the cities where a lot of people move to every year. A lot of people who already live in New York move frequently too. This is because people who live in New York are always searching for something better. And there is always a home better than the current one you live in. And as a lot of people who live in New York are young professionals and students, moving is an inevitable part of an average New Yorkers’ life. So, if you were ever wondering what does a moving day of an average New Yorker looks like, you came to the right place. We are here to tell you all about moving in New York as it might help you avoid some common moving problems that might come your way on moving day.

    The day before the move

    1. Check your home

    Your moving day in New York starts the day before your actual moving day. This is the day you need to check whether everything is ready for your relocation. And the first thing you need to do is check whether you have packed everything. It is very important that the day before you move you check your home to see if there are any things left to pack that you somehow forgot. A lot of the time people have forgotten things because they didn’t check everything before they moved. So, the day before the move, make sure you open every drawer and every cupboard to see whether there are some things that were accidentally left behind. Moving companies such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC will always tell you to check this on moving day.

    A woman in a kitchen.

    Check all drawers and cupboards the day before.

    2. Check your boxes

    Once you check your home, it is time for you to check whether all the boxes are there. You also need to make sure that you check each box well whether it is closed or not. This is especially important if you are moving long distances. Cardboard boxes can open up during the relocation process if you didn’t close them well enough. This is exactly how most of the damaging happens. This can save you money and time on your NYC move.

    And no matter what you are packing and moving with you, you definitely want to keep it in the same condition throughout the move and after it. This is why checking your boxes is an important thing to do the day before moving day. This is why it is best to have packing done by experienced professionals instead of doing it yourself. Professional packers know exactly how to close boxes in a way that they don’t open up during relocation.

    A person creating a checklist.

    Check whether everything is done and ready for the move.

    3. Make sure your home is clean

    Moving into a new home is exciting but it is a lot of work. The one thing you must do is clean the home where you are moving from and the home you are moving to the day after moving. Cleaning your previous home is going to be a serious task. No matter how clean your home used to be, packing means there is going to be a lot of dust everywhere. And you can’t leave a dirty home behind to the next person who lives there. As you want to move into a clean home, the same way you have to make sure that the home you are moving from is clean. The day before the relocation is the best time to do some last-minute cleaning so you don’t have to do it the next day.

    4. Prepare for tomorrow

    After you get everything ready and clean, it is time for you to prepare for the moving day yourself. And as the moving day of an average New Yorker usually starts early in the morning, you have to make sure that you get a good night of sleep the night before. Moving is a task that is physically challenging. You will both be waking up early and standing and walking the whole day, carrying heavy things too. Even if you are hiring movers and you will move with ease if you are based in Midtown or anywhere else in New York, moving is a hard thing to do. This is why you have to make sure that you find the right movers that are reliable and experienced. Lastly, pick out what you are going to wear the next day and make sure that you have what to eat in the morning.

    An alarm clock and a cup of coffee.

    The moving day starts early in New York.

    Moving day

    As mentioned, the moving day of an average New Yorker starts early in the morning. You have to wake up at a decent time because a whole day of work lies ahead of you. Hopefully, you have hired movers to help you relocate because if you didn’t, your moving day is going to be a lot harder to handle. If you have hired movers, you are probably expecting them around 9 am. This is when most people have already started working or are up if they don’t currently work. This is very important so you don’t disturb anyone. And as moving can be noisy, this is very important to have in mind.

    Starting this early in the morning also means most likely not having to deal with a lot of traffic. As a lot of people have already arrived to work by 10 am, there won’t be as many cars on the streets as there were around 8 am. This is just one of the things you realize after moving to New York. Starting this early also means that you will have all your belongings in your new home until evening for sure. This means that your move is going to be cheaper than if it were to last two days.

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