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    Modern decor ideas for your new office space

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    Modern decor ideas for your new office space

    You spend about eight hours a day in your office. Although this is not your home, you still need to feel nice and comfortable in order to be productive. If you work in an ugly environment full of clutter, chances are you won’t be productive and you will start to feel depressed. There is no need for that. So here are some modern decor ideas for your new office space to help you feel at home. We are actually starting from your old office space.

    Starting from the beginning

    The best way is to start from your old office space. You are obviously moving from your old office to your new one. There is something to do before you even start packing. Start with decluttering. There is no need to bring along items you don’t use and that are just taking the space and collecting dust. So take a good look at what you have in the office and think about those items you don’t use regularly. Do you need them? Do you want to bring them with you? Then you can start with packing. This way it will be easier for you to unpack later on and work on your getting your new office ready since you got rid of the things you don’t really need.

    office space in NY

    Decluttering is very important.


    This part is boring and stressful due to all the packing, planning, and unpacking later on. Full of chores too. But there is a way to make this relocation easier for you and less stressful. There are experts to handle the transport. Professional movers are always a good solution for those problems you might have with relocation. They are here to make this easy and quick.


    If you have any additional questions about relocation or in case you need some additional storage make sure to call
    Simplify Valet Storage & Moving and ask all the questions you might have. After you are done with relocation, there is something else for you to do before you start decorating your new office space. That’s unpacking. If you have labeled all the boxes, it will be easy for you to start the process. Don’t worry, it takes time to unpack everything. Also adapting to your new office space can take time and that’s why you need some modern decor ideas so that you can make this office feel yours and comfortable.

    Modern decor ideas for your new office space

    The best way to keep your office look modern is by keeping it simple. Too much decoration will make your office look eclectic or overcrowded. Choose cool colors for walls and furniture. While warm wood tones are the best for traditional interiors, cool and neutral shades will just scream modern. For furniture – think minimalistic. This is still office space, even though it’s nice to have some furniture to relax but you don’t want to turn this into boho style.

    Take advantage of windows. They can be a great place for your plants. The best way to make your office looks modern is to open up space. It can be nice having some pictures and frames on the walls but don’t overdo it.

    A desk with a plant and a lamp on it against  a white wall.

    The name of the game is – simplicity.

    Trends in office layout

    Desk distancing is more and more popular because of the global pandemic of course. Many offices are alternating desks and workspaces. Having them face away from each will make it easier for employees to maintain their distance and to focus better on their job. Make sure to have hand sanitizers on all desks. You need to make people working in the office feel safe and protected. Modern office design strategies will allow businesses to create dynamic and effective workspaces within their budget limitations. In fact, modern office design is all about finding the best solutions to problems that have diminished businesses for years. Overcroudness being one of them.

    The modern office must-haves

    Modern office space needs to promote collaboration and communication. Beware, there’s a fine line between just the right amount of collaboration and chatting and gossiping way too much. Your team members will be needing a place to focus and concentrate on their own or in small groups. The rest area is a must. The kitchen and common area are also needed often. Many companies provide playrooms for breaks. This is not necessary but is nice for team building. The water cooler is a must of course. Also, air fresheners can be a nice touch but make sure not to overdo it as they can be very strong. Don’t forget the lightning. It needs to be great in order for you and your teammates to be productive. Dimmed lights are actually bad for your focus.

    Modern decor ideas for the desks

    Decorating desks and making them personalize is great and it can definitely improve the mood but you need to set up some rules. Having a small plant on the desk can be very decorative and nice but there shouldn’t be more than one or two depending on the size of the desks. The same goes for framed pictures. Mugs on the desks must be closed at all times to prevent messy accidents, if you want to make sure that they also look nice and modern gift all employees the same mugs.

    A minimalist office space.

    Personalizing a desk is great but make sure that it’s not too much.

    Good luck

    Moving to a new office, unpacking, and decorating can take some time. Also, it can be boring. If you are not in the mood for that task there are interior designers available to help you out. Many of them are specialized in decorating office space so don’t worry there is a way to handle everything. Whenever you are in doubt consult the experts. Hopefully, you will be soon in your new office and be fully productive in no time. Good luck.

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