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    Mistakes to avoid as a first-time renter in NYC

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    Mistakes to avoid as a first-time renter in NYC

    The process of renting an apartment in New York City for the first time is notoriously difficult. There’s always time to hone your skills! This article will show you how to avoid the five most common pitfalls faced by a first-time renter in NYC so you can save money and get the best possible rental experience.

    Research thoroughly

    Let’s say you’ve settled on a specific area of Manhattan as your future home. Whenever you want to eat out or relax with a good book, you can find everything you need there. Still, there are additional facets of the area that call for investigation before settling on an apartment. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a new place to live, such as the proximity to public transportation, the cost of the Homeowners Association Fee, and the type of housing arrangement you will be moving into (a rental, co-op, or condominium).

    Ahappy couple using their laptop for reasearch on moving mistakes to avoid as a renter in NYC

    Research is crucial.

    Know your credit score

    One of the biggest aspects of apartment hunting is the credit check. You should check your credit before you start looking for an apartment in the whole city. This should be simple. Depending on your credit card, possibly cost you nothing at all. Many tenants face eviction because of easily fixable issues, such as overdue payments on minor bills or parking tickets. This is one thing you need to check before you call Eagle Van Lines.

    Don’t overapply

    First-time New York City apartment renters should be wary of putting all of the eggs in one basket due to the city’s competitive rental market. However, submitting applications to too many different rental complexes at once can have exactly the opposite effect. This is so due to the fact that potential landlords can easily see how often you’ve checked your credit for the purpose of renting a place.

    Multiple applications send messages to landlords that you’ve been rejected before. Obviously, that is never a good sign. Landlords won’t take you seriously as a tenant if you run your credit too often in a short period of time. You should also start researching NYC storage just in case. If the place is too small, you will need it.

    A couple holding a small model house.

    Don’t worry, soon enough you will have your dream NYC home.

    Review your lease

    You’ve overcome the aforementioned obstacles and located the perfect apartment. Bravo! Before you team up with the right people you should know something. There is still work to be done. If you don’t want to be stuck with a lease that doesn’t work for you, you should read it over carefully.

    Also at this point, you should also conduct a thorough inspection of your apartment and notify your landlord of any necessary repairs or fixes. For instance, if the landlord has assured you that the apartment will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival – insist on having this in writing. There may be deal-breakers in your apartment lease, such as a history of bed bug infestations. You could end up in an unlivable house. If you read all of this – you are an experienced renter in NYC now.

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