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    Living room storage ideas to help you keep clutter under control

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    Living room storage ideas to help you keep clutter under control

    Every home has clutter issues. No matter how much you invest into your interior design, furniture, or decorations, if your home is cluttered with unnecessary items, it will not look appealing. Naturally, the biggest problem that stands in the way of a modern and functional home is living room clutter.

    The living room is the place where we spend most of our time. Logically, it is also the place that accumulates most of our junk. Therefore, we should pay extra attention to it to keep it orderly. Fortunately, keeping your clutter under control is not a difficult task. All you have to do is to use these living room storage ideas and modify your everyday habits slightly.

    Identify your clutter to be able to fight it efficiently

    When it comes to living room clutter, getting it under control requires identifying the problem that is giving you headaches. Maybe your living room space is overflowing with knickknacks and kids’ toys, or you have a habit of putting down items and forgetting about them. Whatever your thing is, there is no solving the problem before you identify it.

    Cluttered living room
    In order to get rid of clutter, you need to specify what you are up against.

    Make room for your trash

    A wastebasket is not a thing that you can often see in living rooms. They smell bad and are hard to fit into a well-designed living room. Still, if your biggest problem is trash that accumulates all around the room, a wastebasket might be the solution you are looking for. Find a wastebasket that can fit in with your décor. Of course, if you know that you will be throwing away organic waste, get the one with the lid and use deodorizing trash bags. This is not exactly a storage idea, but it can definitely help you to keep clutter in your living room under control.

    Living room storage ideas that can fit under your coffee table

    A coffee table is probably the number one thing that accumulates clutter inside a living room. Coffee mugs, magazines, books, pieces of paper, remote controllers, mobile phones, etc. Everyone has a habit of leaving items on the coffee table.

    To solve this problem you will have to change your habits of leaving things on flat surfaces. Additionally, you should find a multifunctional coffee table with extra storage space. If you own a table without any storage capacity, consider changing it. These days you can find many beautiful multifunctional coffee tables that can help you transform your living room into a neat and clutter-free space. Or, you can chose the more budget-friendly option and add storage cubes or plastic bins under your existing table.

    Use multifunctional storage furniture to keep your living room clutter under control

    Multi-functional living room furniture is probably the best solution when it comes to living room storage. Such storage is great for putting away larger items as well. Storage ottomans, sofas, or lift-top coffee tables with hidden storage are a great way to get rid of your living room clutter in a quick and easy way. You can find an endless number of storage furniture ideas online. All you have to do is find pieces that will match the rest of your décor.

    Living room is not the place for kids’ toys

    Kids’ toys are one of the most common causes of living room clutter. Not only does it look bad, but it can also be a safety hazard. If you ever stepped on a Lego cube or a toy car, you know what we are talking about.

    Luckily, it is not that difficult to find a way to organize your kids’ toys. A rolling cart or a plastic bin with wheels in the corner should be enough to declutter your living room. However, the bigger challenge then will be finding a way to make your kids use it and stash their toys properly. The best way to get kids’ toys under control is to ban them from the living room altogether.

    A neat kids’ room with toys
    The living room is not the best place for your kids’ toys.

    Use the space behind your sofa

    Usually, there is a lot of unused space behind a sofa. So why don’t you use it as living room storage? Put a low bookcase, shelf, or a trunk behind your sofa and you can load it with blankets, pillows, bedding, books, DVDs, or CDs that you currently do not use. Moreover, place a table lamp or a plant on it to add another interesting decoration detail to your living room space. 

    Add some storage space to your living room bookcase

    Transform your bulky living room bookcase into storage. One of the expert’s pieces of advice on suggests reorganizing your books first. Get rid of the titles you do not plan to read in the near future. You can store them in a trunk behind the sofa. This will make a room that you can enrich with a few woven baskets or plastic storage bins. This is a quick, easy, and cheap solution for keeping living room trinkets out of sight and your everyday clutter under control.

    A bookcase in a living room
    Use your bulky bookcase to create storage space.

    Use your vertical space. But be careful

    When all else fails it is time to go vertical. If you are tight on space, and you have used up all your living area storage ideas, you can always use vertical space. Install some floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to get extra storage room without losing any of your precious floor space. However, be careful when using this approach. Too many shelves can make your living space look even more cluttered. This is something you are definitely trying to avoid.

    Adding new storage space without changing your habits can create even more clutter

    As you can see, there are many living room storage ideas that you can use to keep your clutter under control. However, when it comes to clutter, it is not all about storage space. There is something about changing your habits as well. Still, a new piece of furniture or designated storage space should help you adopt new practices and keep your home neat and clutter-free.

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