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    Living in Chicago – what’s to know?

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    Living in Chicago – what’s to know?

    Chicago, formally the City of Chicago, is the third most crowded city in the United States, right after New York City and Los Angeles. With over 2.7 million inhabitants, it is likewise the most crowded city in both the province of Illinois and the Midwestern United States. The Windy City, as often called,  is one of the most-visited cities in the United States. Lake Michigan, a lake as big as a sea, is set as the natural border to the east, with plenty of beautiful beaches. Chicago’s rich arts scene, various shopping districts, an abundance of eateries,  famous skyscrapers and green areas make living in Chicago enjoyable.

    Interesting facts about Chicago

    If you want to make Chicago your home, here are some interesting facts you should know about:

    • Chicago was founded as a town in 1833. Hence, we can say it is a city with a long history.
    • The name Chicago comes from a Miami Indian word Shikaakwa for the wild leeks that grew on the bank of the short Chicago River.
    • The city has the nation’s largest collection of impressionist artwork. Understandably, if you are an art lover, you will enjoy here immensely.
    • The Chicago metropolitan zone frequently alluded to as Chicagoland, has almost 10 million inhabitants and is the third-biggest in the US. So, how about living in Chicago and being a part of it for a change?
    a view of Chicago and Lake Michigan

    Lake Michigan is a perfect place to enjoy in Chicago.

    Transportation and traffic 

    Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and their famous “L” train is cheap and simple to utilize. Beside L train, there are other means of transport throughout the city:

    • Bus – 130 bus routes, more or less.
    • Metra rail – 11 lines beginning from the Loop, covering North, East and South Chicago.
    • Taxi – Although taxis are advantageous they are an expensive approach to get around. Thus, you may not be able to afford them so often.
    • Water taxi – They transport guests along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.
    • Car – Having a vehicle is helpful. However, using it on a daily basis is not an intelligent choice. If you decide to move to Chicago and you are familiar with everything you need to know about moving your garage, you might realize it is too much trouble to go through.
    • Bike – Chicago is an extraordinary city for biking. Ideally, you can enjoy and stay healthy when living in Chicago.

    Neighborhoods to choose from when living in Chicago

    The Chicago River divides the city into three geographic areas. These are The North Side, The West Side, and The South Side. These areas encompass the city’s downtown region – The Loop.

    Chicago is a multicultural city known for its diversity. There are 77 neighborhoods in nine districts to choose from. Some general tips for first-time homebuyers can help you to pay attention to some crucial points if you want to make Chicago your home. It can be quite confusing at first, but you will manage everything. There is no need to worry.

    Once you find what works for you, it is an ideal moment to start looking for professional moving help. There are countless moving companies on the market, but you need the most reliable one. Wolley Movers Chicago, for example, has helped a vast number of people to relocate their households successfully. Hence, it may be a good idea to consider their expert teams as your choice.

    The Loop

    Downtown Chicago is home to all the top vacation spots: The “Bean” at Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Historic Theater District just as craftsmanship displays, mixed drink parlors and shopping on Michigan Avenue. It’s Chicago’s main business center point. Most lodgings and restaurants situated here are highly exclusive and difficult to afford. However, everything here is worth seeing and experiencing. 

    For all the stated reasons, it will be hard to make the Loop your home. You probably need something more appropriate for you and your family. Oak Lawn might be an excellent choice. Moreover, there is a variety of Oak Lawn based moving specialists at your disposal who will be more than willing to help you.

    Chicago "Bean" sculpture at Millennium Park

    Cloud Gate is a famous Chicago attraction.

    Chicago weather

    Winters in Chicago can sometimes cause serious problems for newcomers. Temperatures can be very low from November to March. Although you may not be prepared for Chicago winters, there is certainly something about the city that makes it so irresistible. Understandably, there is more in Chicago than just winter, but you will understand the reasons why spring is the best time to relocate instantly. Summer is when everything comes alive, in full force. There are approximately more than 150 events in total in the summertime. You can enjoy the lake in abundant sunshine. Lake Michigan is breathtaking at this time of the year.
    Truck cleaning Chicago streets from snow.

    Living in Chicago in winter is not easy at all.

    Food to taste when living in Chicago

    The first associations about food in Chicago are deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dog, and Italian beef.  Seriously, you are coming to the food-centric city. As a result, Chicago’s restaurant scene is one of the best in the country. Restaurants, steakhouses, breweries… tzatziki in Greektown, pasta in Little Italy, tacos in the Lower West Side, Asian specialties in Chinatown, just name it. Be that as it may, one thing is good to remember, in Chicago, ketchup on your hot dog is considered a sin.

    Attractions to see when living in Chicago

    Consider tours and tickets: Chicago architecture river cruise, Chicago crime and mob tour, Chicago explorer pass.  The thing you can say about living in Chicago is that it is a very child-friendly city. You can discover many activities, and classes for children of different ages, as well as for grownups.

    There is a considerable amount of attractions you can visit in Chicago. However, we will just mention just a few: Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Buckingham Fountain, Lincoln Park Zoo, The Magnificent Mile.

    Chicago is a beautiful place. Should you decide to see what living in Chicago is like, visit it as a tourist or even decide to live in Chicago because you won’t make a mistake. There is a lot to explore, provided that you get yourself prepared for the Windy City and its shaking rhythm.

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