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    Living alone in New York City: Pros and Cons

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    Living alone in New York City: Pros and Cons

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    Living alone anywhere comes with its challenges. However, living alone in New York City is a story for itself. New York City is very different from any other in America. If this is the first time you have decided on this step, there are many things you should consider. We examine the benefits and the drawbacks of living alone in this city to help you make a decision.


    The place is all yours

    When you live with a roommate, you have to share everything. There is a risk of them eating your food or walking in on you in the bathroom. If you have friends or family over, you have to make sure to tell your roommate in advance. Living alone, however, all of these problems go away. You have the freedom to walk around naked or have friends over unannounced.

    You will learn to be independent

    Living alone in New York City is an experience that changes you. Paying your own bills, doing your own laundry, preparing your own food. You are the only one who can change light bulbs and fix things, so you have to learn all these things. The experience of living alone will make you more self-reliant. It will help you even if, later in life, you decide to live with someone.

    You are in charge of the kitchen

    How many times has someone nagged at you to clean the kitchen? Or eat your food from the fridge? Well, stress no more. You decide when the mess in the kitchen has become too messy. Those dishes in the sink can soak for a couple of more days. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about someone eating your food. Whether it’s an elaborate dinner you’ve made yourself, or leftovers from the restaurant, no need to worry. The only person enjoying your delicious meals will be you.

    A kitchen with a fully stocked fridge that has an open door.

    The kitchen will be your kingdom.

    Decorations are up to you

    If you have been living with your parents or a roommate, you know it’s hard to have your own style. However, now that you live alone, you can express yourself any way you like. Your apartment is a reflection of your personality. Surrounding yourself with things you like while living alone in New York City can help you acclimate better to the change. New York has so many quirky stores where you can find interesting but cheap items, from plants suitable for an apartment to shower curtains. You just have to explore the city and your own interests.

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    Living alone in New York City can be expensive

    If you are moving to New York City on a budget, the housing can be very expensive. For this reason, many people living in New York live with roommates. In New York, the more bedrooms an apartment has, the less the rent per bedroom. Splitting the rent two or even three ways can mean a lot for your budget. Additionally, other bills, such as utilities, WiFi, electricity, are typically split. This means that you will have more money to spend on things for yourself. You can also agree to buy food together, and even cook together. Labeling your food is also a way of keeping your things your own.

    There is safety in numbers

    Any big city has its dangerous spots. New York, however, has many of them. Especially if you are new to the city. Robberies and muggings are not an uncommon occurrence. This is why it is important to have someone by your side. Whether it is inside the apartment or walking outside at night, it is smart to have a partner to keep you safe. Not only will you feel safer, but there’s less of a chance of something happening when you’re not alone. Furthermore, if you are a woman, the danger is even bigger. Make sure to avoid unknown neighborhoods and walking alone at night. Keep your eyes open and don’t trust strangers.

    Loneliness can harm you

    A recent study has shown that people who are lonely tend to have a shorter lifespan. Of course, if you have a medical issue, it is imperative to have someone by your side. Whether you are in need of medication or assistance, help is needed and appreciated. However, loneliness can also lead to depression, which in turn carries serious consequences. Living alone in New York City can sometimes feel like you are drowning. There are so many people and yet everyone seems to be in their own world. A roommate can be the person who listens to your problems and makes you feel better. Roommates often turn into friends and a friend is what you need when you live in New York.

    Living alone in New York can sometimes be very lonely, even though there are 8 million people in the city.

    You might start to feel lonely if you don’t live with a roommate or your family.

    Trying out new things

    A roommate is more than just a person with whom you share an apartment. Their personality and interests are what make them unique. Living with a roommate, you are bound to notice them. On the one hand, if they are similar to you, you can do things you both enjoy together. They are someone you can spend time with and learn from. On the other hand, if you two are polar opposites, you will experience new things. They can open you up to a world of opportunities, things you have never tried. It is important to keep an open mind and reach out to the person you are living with.

    Two women in a park throwing leaves in the air.

    A roommate can become your best friend, making it an unforgettable experience.

    Make sure to see both sides

    If you decide on living alone in New York City, make sure that you have looked at all angles. Know that it might take some getting used to, but remember that you made that decision for a reason. On the other hand, it is okay to change your mind. In fact, you will never truly know until you try. New York is such a unique city. It can be eclectic, glamorous, welcoming, but also overpriced and even downright disgusting. It is the city of dreams, but it is also not for everyone. Be prepared for what’s waiting on the other side by doing research on your own. That is the best way to know what you are doing and not have any regrets in the future.

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