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    Leaving Japan for NYC – biggest differences to prepare for

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    Leaving Japan for NYC – biggest differences to prepare for

    Moving overseas was never easy. Adjusting to another culture, preparing for the relocation, and saving money, are a lot to handle. But, with a good organization, moving internationally does not have to be impossible. If you are leaving Japan for NYC, know what to expect and how to prepare properly. Know what will be the biggest differences you will face when moving from Japan to the USA. These two countries and cultures are very different, but on the other hand, the entire process can be fun, exciting, and interesting.

    Moving to New York City from Japan will be a big change in your life

    Pros of moving to New York City from Japan

    Why are people leaving Japan for NYC and what are the actual reasons for this big change in life?

    • Job opportunities
    • Entertainment options
    • Strong economy
    • Food
    • Art and culture
    • Education

    How to prepare for overseas relocation from Japan to the USA

    Is it possible to move to New York City without stress and if it is – how to accomplish it? This overseas relocation does not have to be hard when you have a moving guide to follow. Be physically and mentally prepared and moving to another continent may be a piece of cake. Here are some of the steps to follow in order to have a successful and organized interstate relocation.

    • Pack and prepare items for shipping
    • Recycle items you don’t need anymore
    • If you have pets, prepare documents for relocation
    • Appoint a tax representative, and pay your residence tax before you leave Japan
    • Check your visa and other paperwork for moving to the USA
    • Cancel your lease in advance and close your gas, electricity, other utilities, and internet
    • Go to the bank and close the accounts

    Maybe the packing and shipping part will be the most stressful for you because it is for moving people when moving internationally. Also, it does not have to be that hard to do when you can find professional help on and you do not have anything to worry about.

    Hiring a moving company when leaving Japan for NYC

    As we mentioned before, having a moving company by your side can make this process stressless and easy. You cannot move to another continent by yourself. To ensure a stress-free process hire overseas movers but make sure to hire a reliable and reputable company. It is a key when choosing one for your relocation.

    When it comes to shipping your items overseas, there are two main ways to do that. The first one is to ship is via sea, which is more affordable and you can ship more things. The second one is shipping via plane. It costs more and you will have a limit on how many items you can move. Explore all options of freight forwarding in Japan and choose the best option for your needs and in your budget range.

    Adjusting to life in New York City

    After getting all the paperwork for moving done, shipping furniture overseas, packing, and saying goodbye to your friends and family – it is time to adapt to a new culture in the USA. There are plenty of differences. Leaving Japan for NYC is a big step, and some people feel depressed and lonely after this big change. But, this some tips, you will be able to handle all the differences and challenges.

    Japanese food after Leaving Japan for NYC.
    You can find Japanese food and culture in NYC as well

    Research NY culture

    Before moving, read – a lot. Read about a new culture and you will know what to expect. Know where to search for an apartment, what are the costs of living, where to find local Japanese restaurants, if you are moving with kids, explore schools, etc. Also, read up on cultural etiquette and business etiquette.

    Learn the language

    If you don’t know English, learn it. There are a lot of personal and online courses and it is not too hard to learn it. Also, watch more American movies and listen to English songs. This way, you will learn the language much faster.

    Accept that you might feel homesick

    Moving to another continent is not easy. It will be hard to accept all the differences and a new lifestyle. Know that homesickness is normal and most people are feeling that way. Getting new experiences, being away from your friends and family, and if you are moving alone – it can be harder than you think. But, keep in mind that it will be hard only at the beginning.

    Find your Japanese community

    Luckily for you, New York City is a very diverse place. No matter from where you are coming, you will find your people in NYC. Neighborhoods in NYC that has a Japanese population are Upper East Side, East Village, Astoria, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, and Williamsburg. This means that you won’t miss Japanese culture and food. Which is an important factor when adjusting. Meet new people after leaving Japan for NYC and it will be healthy for your mental health.

    Find your new routine

    After moving overseas, your lifestyle will be different, so find your new routine. It will be different from the one you had back in Japan, but it does not mean it will be worse. Try American food, go to brunch, and visit museums, this is an opportunity to try something you have not before.

    Japanese girl in traditional clothing.
    Keep some of your old hobbies and your daily routine, but be open to new things


    After leaving Japan for NYC you may feel different and have a big cultural shock. Explore New York before the final move and you will know what are the biggest differences to prepare for and you will know what to expect. Americans are doing business differently, they are saying “hello” differently, and the food is something that you will find unusual, but after a while – you will get used to all the things you have never seen before.

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