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    Last-minute decluttering tips before your move

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    Last-minute decluttering tips before your move

    Packing is a process that takes most of the time when moving. No matter are you moving locally or long-distance. You cannot skip the packing step. If you are moving on short notice, how to save time on packing? Simple, if you reduce the number of items for packing, you will pack faster. Purging and deciding what to pack and what to toss is called – decluttering. Last-minute decluttering tips are simple and they do not take a lot of time. Don’t worry.

    A good organization is a key to every last-minute move, just don’t panic and do not waste your time. Having a guide to follow will make the process easier to handle and you will pack like a pro.

    A man looking at a watch thinking about last-minute decluttering tips.
    Organize every minute when moving on short notice!

    Last-minute decluttering tips

    How to declutter before moving? And also how to declutter when you don’t have a lot of time?

    • Purge by category, don’t go room by room. For example, start with small appliances, then purge books, clothing, etc.
    • Get rid of broken items and ripped clothing. You definitely do not need something that does not work.
    • When it comes to clothing, get rid of items you did not wear for a long time. You probably won’t need it again.
    • Ask friends and a family member for a helping hand. It is faster and easier to declutter and pack when you have more people.
    • Use three boxes. Keep, toss, and donate. Selling is probably out because it takes time, which you don’t have right now. Donating won’t take you a lot of time, just put items in a box and go to the charity organization. Also, you can give some items to your friends.
    • Check the expiration date on food and good in your bathroom.

    Hiring professional packers

    After decluttering and deciding what to move and toss, you can 2 options when it comes to packing. Packing by yourself or hiring professional packers. Because you don’t have time, calling last-minute packers can save your day. A reliable company can be found on and they will bring all the packing supplies and equipment.

    A donate sign.
    Donate items you don’t want to move.

    Hiring a moving company

    To transport your household items long-distance to New York City, consider working with professionals because it is the easiest and safest way to relocate.

    No matter where you are moving to, having a moving company by your side will make the process easier. Research movers online and choose the best one for you.


    When you need to pack for a short-notice move, you should pack fast and only the items you need. Moving is emotional and stressful, and because of that, it may be better to call a friend and pack together. Having a company and someone by your side will reduce your stress level and also give you some last-minute decluttering tips.

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