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    Is moving with a toddler to NYC a terrible idea?

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    Is moving with a toddler to NYC a terrible idea?

    Moving to another city is always a question of many different factors. Especially when moving with your family. The bigger your family is, the more complicated the move can be. When it comes to moving with a toddler, this issue is particularly sensitive. You want to move to New York – or you simply have to because of your job, but you’re worried if that’s a good place to raise your child. Is moving with a toddler to NYC a terrible idea? Let’s find out!

    How to decide if moving with a toddler to NYC is a good idea or not?

    Well, the best way to do this is to make a list of things that are the pros and cons of moving to NYC with your kid. Let us help you out a bit.

    Safety is a crucial when you are moving with a family
    If there are children casually playing on the street or biking, the area is safe

    Disadvantages of raising a kid in New York

    Let’s start with all the negative points. Here’s a list of things why moving with a toddler to NYC is a terrible idea.

    • it’s expensive – being one of the most expensive cities to live in, NYC is quite problematic for parents. Everything from kindergarten, school, transportation, food, clothes, entertainment options is more expensive than in some other places in the country.
    • you need more time for everything – moving with a toddler to NYC is time-consuming for sure. The same goes for transportation, going to school/work, buying groceries, etc. However, there are ways to speed up your family relocation, especially with professional moving services.
    • it’s busy – being one of the world’s most popular places, NYC is definitely a city that never sleeps. Traffic jams, car horns and a lot of people on the streets can be considered as a disadvantage for families with kids.

    Advantages of moving to NYC with a child

    Moving to NYC with a toddler doesn’t need to be bad after all. Let’s look at the bright side of this relocation, and see why it’s not a terrible idea.

    • multiple options – the city is definitely a place of opportunities. Jobs, education, entertainment – you have so many things to choose from.
    • the best schools – even though your kid is young, it’s never too early to start thinking about their education. In NYC, you can choose some of the best schools in the world – whatever your kid’s aspirations are, they can find that in New York.
    • open-mindedness – being the melting pot of different cultures, NYC will prepare your kid for the world. This way, kids are raised to be open-minded and tolerant of others.

    Tips for moving with a toddler to NYC

    When moving to NYC with a family, you need to dedicate your time to both moving plans and your family’s needs. We advise hiring a reliable local moving company to take care of your move, so you can be there for your toddler. Here are some tips to make your relocation easier.

    A young family moving with a toddler to NYC
    If you are planning to move out of the Big Apple with your kids, you should be aware of the reasons why young families are leaving NYC.

    Moving is a huge change for everybody, not only yourself

    To make things easier, don’t change your child’s daily routines like eating, bathing, sleeping time, etc. Also, be sure to talk to your child and try to explain what’s happening – stressing the positive aspect of this event. Furthermore, don’t forget to help your kid adjust – take it to the local playground, meet some neighbors who also have kids, have a favorite meal, etc. Do everything to make this a pleasant experience, not letting the stress take over and make you all nervous. Have a safe move!

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