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    How to turn packing into a game for your kids

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    How to turn packing into a game for your kids

    On August 10, 2020, Posted by , In Residential Moving Tips, By , , With No Comments

    Moving is a complicated and stressful experience for everyone involved. It takes planning, good organization, and sticking to a time frame and schedule. If you are moving with kids it is even more complicated and problematic. Moving can be hard on them and they might not except the move easily. However, there are ways to make moving simpler and fun for kids. Usually, it involves good preparation and talking with kids. In addition, you can make an adventure of it and make it fun. Many ask just how to turn packing into a game for kids and get them involved.

    Why is moving with kids complicated

    Well first of all kids can find it stressful. They have to change their surroundings and break away from friends. Also, they have to adapt to new surroundings and establish new connections in school. Depending on children’s ages the problems may be different. The challenges may be more or less difficult to overcome. With younger children, you can always try making moving fun. There is always a possibility of turning packing into a game to make the transition easier for children.

    You can make packing a fun family activity if you get creative

    Packing games

    Many parents have devised numerous ways of involving the kids in moving. There are a number of games that you can play with your kids’ through the process of packing and moving. Here are a few examples:

    • Make a fun packing song
    • Hide surprises
    • Decorate moving boxes
    • Scavenger hunt packing
    • Softball packing
    • Make the kids take charge

    Packing song

    Make a simple and easy packing song. It should be fun to sing and complement the packing process. Make it goofy and silly so its fun to sing and pack while singing. Get the whole family involved and see how fast you can pack.


    Get kids of all ages to help pack. Hide surprises in their stuff for them to find. These can be small toys or Kandy to make packing a fun activity. Older kids can find riddles and tasks for them to solve.

    Decorate packing boxes

    If you are using cardboard boxes it is a great idea to color-code them and make kids pack the only certain item in. After the packing is finished you can start decorating these boxes according to kids’ preference. Make colorful motifs and ideas from sharpies and stickers. If you get them from Capital City Bins you can also decorate plastic bins and boxes.

    Scavenger hunt

    Make a packing list scavenger hunt game. Kids will be eager to find certain items from the list as a fun activity. make them sort and pack all the items they find accordingly. Make then clues and list in such a way that kids spend more time packing then playing.

    Make a fun game to help with packing. Kids will love it an help in the process

    Softball packing

    Whether you are using cardboard or plastic boxes to place your belongings in you can make a simple softball packing game. Kids just love tossing things around, so allow them to toss their wardrobe or toy in without proper packing and folding.

    Make the kids take charge

    The kids will have more fun and take moving more seriously if you put them in charge of packing. Let everyone take charge of packing their own room. They will have fun being the boss and take it more seriously. Give them proper supplies to pack their toys and stuff in. Just make sure to take control in time so moving day doesn’t find you unprepared.

    So, packing can be fun and make moving easier for everyone. Turn packing into a game for your kids and it will make everything that much simpler, faster, and fun.

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