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    How to relocate your NYC restaurant

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    How to relocate your NYC restaurant

    In a place as busy as NYC, restaurant relocation is nothing strange or uncommon. Some restaurant owners have succeeded a lot and they need a larger space that will enable their business to grow. Some owners are having hard times, and they want to move to some other location. These reasons, as well as many others, are more than legitimate, and they are a great reason to relocate your NYC restaurant. But, this relocation is not going to be like any other relocation. Be sure that relocating your kitchen is not the same as relocating your restaurant. You will first need to find the most suitable location, have many staff meetings, let your customers know, hire movers and organize everything properly. But do not worry! We are here to help you out. Thus, if you want to know how to relocate your NYC restaurant any time soon, keep on reading.

    Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

    First things first, you will need to understand that this kind of relocation takes a lot of time! That is why you must start planning for it even months in advance. Decide whether it is best to move during the week or the weekend. Weekdays are better if you want to have a grand opening during the weekend. But, weekends are better as there is less traffic in NYC. Then, you will need a lot of time to find that perfect location for your restaurant. And, of course, you will need some time to find reliable and affordable movers like There is no chance of relocating an entire restaurant by yourself, so be sure to hire movers as soon as you set your moving date. Also, if you hire them ahead of time, you might get some discounts for early booking and save money.

    A woman doing a research as you should do before you relocate your NYC restaurant.

    Be sure that in order to relocate your NYC restaurant, you will need a lot of time and a proper organization.

    Find That Perfect Location

    When it comes to restaurants, location is everything. Just like New York, it can make or break you. Thus, do market research and check different population bases. You must choose the best NYC borough for you and your restaurant. Make sure to look for restaurant locations that will provide you with everything your current one lacks. It should be somewhere where there is a lot of traffic so that you can get new customers. But, do not forget about your old customers either – if you relocate somewhere far away, you will probably lose them. Basically, the two most important things you must look for in your new location are accessibility and visibility! If you have them, your customers, both new ones and the old, will keep on coming.

    Do Not Relocate Your NYC Restaurant on Your own

    Now that you have your new address and you have hopefully set a date to relocate your NYC restaurant, it is time to find help. Once again, be sure that relocating a restaurant is a big task. And, it is not something you can do by yourself. There are too many items both in the kitchen and the eating area that need to be relocated. Thus, find a reliable and affordable moving agency and let them organize your move, that is, let them pack, and relocate everything safely to your new address. And, while they are dealing with all the moving-related processes, you can focus on your employees and customers, and of course, on all the paperwork. Movers can also take care of the remaining supplies after your move so that you can open it as soon as possible. 

    A professional kitchen.

    Professional restaurant kitchens have delicate and complicated equipment. Leave the relocation to professionals.

    Inform Your Customers That You Are Planning to Relocate Your NYC Restaurant

    A couple of weeks before the moving date or befoe you relocate your NYC restaurant for good, let your customers know that you are moving. That is, let them know about the change of address. You probably already have a circle of clientele and your regular customers, so make sure to inform them personally about everything. And for the rest, you can print flyers and leave them on the desk or put them on the doors. You can also send newsletters. If your restaurant has an Instagram or Facebook account, you can also make a video and post it, or simply let everybody know by writing several posts. In the end, once you relocate everything and lock the doors, be sure to put a note on the door about your change of address.

    A waiter serving food.

    You can even ask your waiters to notify each customer they serve about the change of address.

    Have a Great Plan For the Opening

    Maybe you are done with the relocation by now, but you still need to work on your opening. First, make sure your new restaurant is ready for customers. That is, check if you have everything you need for working and whether everything is in its rightful place. Then, start planning for a grand opening. You can send newsletters to your regular customers and post online about the event. Try to make it appealing and inviting for customers. You can, for example, offer some free drinks on the opening night, or serve food at lower prices.

    Moreover, do not forget to figure out a way how to attract new customers. Just opening a restaurant will not be enough. You will need to have a powerful advertising campaign. This campaign is supposed to bring you new customers if done correctly. You can maybe pay for adds online, on the radio, TV, in the local newspaper or similar. You can even hire somebody to hand in flyers to passersby.

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