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    How to prepare your NYC home for a baby

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    How to prepare your NYC home for a baby

    If you are expecting a baby you are already aware of how many changes you are going to have to make in order to make having a baby easier. One of the things you will have to change is your home. A lot of people move to a bigger apartment or a house before the baby is born. But not everyone is able to relocate or wants to relocate because they are having a baby. Especially people who live in New York City. Moving in NYC is not easy and neither is finding a place to move to. If you are not planning on moving to a bigger home, you will be happy to hear that there are ways to prepare your NYC home for a baby. Here is where you can read just what are some of the things you can do to prepare your home for a baby. Doing these things before the baby arrives home sure is going to make living with a newborn much easier.

    Declutter your home

    Most people, if not all, tend to hold onto things they do not really need. This can be clothes, books, decorative home pieces, kitchen supplies, and anything else. And keeping all of these things in your home doesn’t seem as if it is taking up a lot of your space. But in reality, it is.

    These useless things we tend to hold onto usually take up most of our storage space. And when you are expecting a baby, you certainly need to think about storage space. Having a baby means having another person in your home. Even though it is a baby, it needs lots of things that you need to find a place for in your home. And if you have a home full of things you don’t really need or use, you will have less storage space for your baby’s belongings.

    Baby toy in a bag.
    You will need a lot of space for your baby’s things such as toys, clothes, diapers, etc.

    This is certainly a big enough reason to declutter your home. You will have more storage space and your home will look less cluttered. The things that you will remove from your home you can either sell or donate where they are needed.

    Some of these things might even be for the trash. But you can also put some stuff away in a storage unit. New York City has lots of storage units that you can rent and use as extra storage for your belongings.

    Clean, clean, clean

    Just removing the extra things you have in your home is not enough. You have to clean your space. You are expecting a baby after all. And as that is the case, you certainly want your home to be as clean as that is possible. Newborn babies are fragile and sensitive and a dirty environment can affect their health in a bad way. You definitely want to prevent this from happening.

    This is why you have to do a very good job of cleaning your home. You should make sure that every corner of your home is clean and disinfected. The best way to do that is to remove everything from your home and hire professional cleaning services. To remove your belongings from your home, you can hire Roadway Moving as assistance. You can even store your belongings temporarily in their storage units while professionals clean your home.

    Woman cleaning a home.
    Clean your home thoroughly so that it is clean when the baby arrives.

    You should also make sure to wash all the furniture. Get your rugs cleaned as well as your sofa and armchairs. Make sure to wipe off all the dust and disinfect everything with alcohol to kill all the bacteria. This is best to be done as soon as you know the due date is approaching so that you can welcome the baby into a squeaky clean home.


    Your current furniture layout might not be the best for the space that you have. As we know that most apartments in NYC are small and do not have a lot of storage space, we are here to tell you that you can use up your small space in a smart way to make it appear bigger. You can reorganize your furniture layout to make your living room more spacious. This means you will have more space for the baby’s chair, stroller, and all other things that you might have for the baby.

    Pregnant woman and a baby crib.
    Reorganize your furniture before the baby comes. You might end up creating a better layout for your home.

    As you need to add the crib somewhere in your bedroom, you should definitely reorganize your bedroom as well. If you have some floor cabinets or shelves that take up floor space, it is a good idea to put them up on the wall. This way you will have the same amount of storage space but more floor space. Perfect for making space for the baby’s crib. You need to have this in mind in order to prepare your NYC home for a baby.


    If you are living in an old apartment, there might also be some remodeling works to be done. For a lot of people this is changing the front door and the old windows, repainting and changing the floors if they squeak. If you are thinking about having any of these or other things done in your home at some point, it is best if you try and get them done before you have a baby. Remodeling a home with a baby is not easy. And if you wait for it to grow a bit and then do it, you will certainly be waiting quite a while to get these things done which in most cases is not a good idea.

    It is best to welcome the baby into your life when everything else is settled into its place. It is better to do so than to have to move with a baby. That is one of the hardest tasks as moving is very stressful and tiring. And so is having a baby. So, make sure to prepare your NYC home for a baby on time.

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