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    How to prepare your bedroom for a move?

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    How to prepare your bedroom for a move?

    By making plans about moving to another place, you are arriving along the old road many have passed before. While the excitement of anticipation of new beginnings can occupy you greatly, it’s easily spoiled by flashes from reality. You still have to deal with a tedious and unwelcoming task of packing your entire household. And by the time you gather your thoughts, one particular part is caught by a glimpse of an eye. Your charming bedroom. Filled with much-needed possessions as well as with many unnecessary trinkets collected over the years. In order to prepare your bedroom for a move, you’ll need to pull a solid plan out of your pockets.

    A way to prepare your bedroom for a move

    Before you got yourself lost by randomly running around and packing everything without any particular order, take a step back. Observe from afar and try to make plans about how to prioritize rooms. One thing at a time is probably the best advice you can get. Since your bedroom is one of those places you are using on a regular basis, you should leave it among the last. Meanwhile, successfully handling other rooms will give you a pretty good picture of how to deal with your bedroom.

    Start by planning and sorting your belongings

    Before you begin to pack, you should review everything you have in your bedroom. In general, you will need the list of your belongings including everything from clothes to the carpet. And, you need to figure out in which order to pack them. While reviewing, you can already separate things into groups:

    • Those you will definitely keep
    • Items you “might” need
    • Stuff you wish to sell or giveaway

    For a clutter-free new home, and for the sake of your budget, it’s necessary to get rid of as much as you can. The truth is, there is no need to pay to transport the items you won’t use. Especially if you are relocating anywhere in Manhattan. Many apartments in NYC are not really clutter-friendly.

    A full closet in a bedroom.

    Closets are commonly one of the most cluttered parts.

    The right packing supplies you will need to prepare your bedroom for a move

    Finally, however, as you recover the ground after entire confusion about organizing belongings, you can set your mind on other particular tasks. Usually, you should gather the next:

    • Sturdy boxes and card boxes of various size
    • Stretch and air-filled wrapping
    • Tapes, sometimes a couple of different kinds
    • Fillers, preferably those not sensitive to humidity
    • Markers and sticky notes for labeling
    • Blankets, towels, and sheets
    • Protection gloves
    • Scissors and cutters
    • Bags, luggage, and various bins

    After all, you will need proper packing supplies to successfully pack and protect your items. Also, you will need an appropriate tool if there is something you need to disassemble.

    Three small backpacks.

    Even children backpacks can be useful to pack some minor items.

    You can start packing

    With everything arranged, you can begin packing, and your bedroom also when it’s that room’s turn. And now, before proceeding to this part, if it seems overwhelming and onerous, you can always hire professional packers to do the job for you. If not, then start in this order:

    • Deal with your clothes first
    • Clear out the decoration and electrical devices
    • Deal with the furniture

    In addition, pay close attention to any delicate items like live plants and fragile items. Sometimes they might require a special way to pack.

    As one of the room you probably use the most, the bedroom is often filled with various items. Over time, it stops to look like a bedroom and more like a storage room. The joke on the side, knowing how to prepare your bedroom for a move can prevent many problems which may occur later on.

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