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    How to overcome homesickness after moving to the Middle East

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    How to overcome homesickness after moving to the Middle East

    Although the featured image for this article may seem overly dramatic, nostalgia is one pain of an emotion. Everyone who’s moved to another country or town knows that for a fact. It feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself that was, at the same time, a part of the physical world outside your skin. We’re getting pretty romantic here. Might as well write a poem once this article’s finished. Just kidding. Feeling homesick is not something funny. Most ex-pats deal with it all the time. Especially if they’ve moved to a place so unlike their home country. For example, moving from NYC to the Middle East can induce a massive culture shock. Even the birds in the trees would figure that one out. Also, that’s the topic of today’s article. Are there ways to overcome homesickness after moving to the Middle East? Of course, there are. Stay tuned for some useful info.

    Recreate the vibe of your old apartment

    Some psychologists say that if you still call your old place “my apartment” you still haven’t settled in your new home to the fullest. Before you move, of course, if you still have the chance, make sure to bring along as many personal items reminding you of your past home as it’s possible. This way you’ll have a bit-by-bit adaptation without going through an immediate change. A slow transition is something you should strive for. Try to recreate the vibe of your old apartment by arranging the items just as they’ve used to be. You’ll definitely notice a nice little change. You can also show your new friends the way things used to be in your old apartment.

    An apartment. One of the ways you can overcome homesickness after moving, is to rearrange your new home so it resembles the old one.
    One of the ways you can overcome homesickness as an ex-pat is to arrange your new apartment so it resembles your old home. A slow transition is something you’ll find pretty chill.

    Cargo transportation services

    The paragraph above was a nice little advice to people who still haven’t moved, but are planning to do so. If you’re already settled in the Middle East, you should know that nothing is lost. You can still get some of the items from your old home pretty easily. Especially if you’re located in Saudi Arabia. Just about everything you need can be delivered in no time. So, there’s no need to worry. Also, you don’t need to worry about your stuff getting damaged along the way. Professionals will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    Writing a journal

    Acknowledging your feelings is definitely the healthiest way you can act towards your mental health. Writing a journal can help you very much in that sense. Putting your feelings down on paper is something most people do to get in touch with themselves. Re-read some portions of your diary and you’ll have a better understanding of yourself. Negating the feeling of homesickness will only make things worse.

    A man writing a journal.
    Keeping your thoughts in check and putting some emotional turmoil down on paper is one of the healthiest things you could do. Of course, that goes for mental health.

    Meet new folks

    Meeting new people is crucial for your adaption to the new place. Try to make yourself a network of friends that will make you forget about your old home. To a normal degree, of course. Completely forgetting is almost unimaginable and pathological, if it happens. So, yeah, find some friends. Middle Eastern people are quite known for their hospitality and openness, so you’ll have no problems getting in touch with them. Find some ex-pats also. Having someone to share your collective past with is something great. It will help you overcome homesickness after moving to the Middle East.

    Plan trips home

    Make sure to visit your old home once in a while. The longer the period you haven’t been there the stronger you’ll feel homesick. You can imagine that yourself. Plan trips back home for the holidays. Of course, if your work schedule is alright with that. Even if it’s not talk to your boss and explain everything. If he or she wants a happy employee they’ll figure something out. Did you know that for US ex-pats feelings of homesickness are the strongest during Christmas-time? You could’ve guessed it. So, visit your old place and spend Christmas with your loved ones.

    A decorated Christmas tree.
    Feeling of homesickness among US ex-pats are the strongest during Christmas-time. So, arrange a trip back home during this period of the year.

    Get to know your new surroundings

    Make sure you don’t stay in your house or apartment a lot. Go out as much as you can. Take a walk after dinner and search for a great place to have a drink. Getting to know someplace around your home is definitely a thing you should try to do. Maybe you’ll even become a local face in that great bar. Who knows? Although it’s not NYC, the Middle East is known for its cafĂ©-culture. Of course, there’s not much resemblance between Saudi Arabia and NYC. Anything you need back from NYC you can easily transport to KSA by contacting Bring NYC vibes along with yourself.

    A quick summary

    So, that’s about it. Some of the ways you can heal your homesick wounds. Hopefully, this short guide will help you overcome homesickness after moving. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. Firstly – don’t forget to bring along items you are very fond of. They can be of great help when things get you down. Also, if haven’t had a chance to bring everything you need with you, don’t worry. You can arrange some cargo transportation pretty easily. Start writing a journal of your experiences and feelings. Getting in touch with yourself is a top priority after moving to another country. Meet some new friends. Middle-eastern people are known as pretty hospitable. You’ll have no problem hanging out with them. Make a trip back home during the holidays. US ex-pats get most nostalgic around Christmas. Don’t think you’re not one of them.

    Thank you for reading and best of luck.

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