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    How to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak

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    How to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak

    We can all agree that moving is hard. It requires spending a lot of time, money, and energy. However, nowadays, during the virus season, that is, during the corona outbreak, moving is even harder. Thus, unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid it. Wait until everything is over. However, if you really must organize your NYC move, it is possible. You just have to be extra careful and to try to simplify your move as much as you can. We are also here to help you out and give you some tips to help you prepare. So, if interested in how to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak, keep on reading.

    By All the Packing Supplies in One Go

    Of course, there is no moving without moving supplies. And, if you have not moved recently, you probably do not have them in your basement, attic, or garage. That means that you must go shopping. However, shopping during the coronavirus outbreak comes with different rules – avoiding contact with other people, not touching anything, and finishing the whole process as soon as you can. Follow these rules in order to stay safe. Thus, make a shopping list (cardboard boxes, plastic bins, plastic wrap, packing paper, duct tape, etc) and by everything in one store, in one go! Try to speed up your NYC move as much as possible.

    AN open cardbpard box.

    You can buy your packing supplies at your local hardware store or stationery shop. Alt.tag: A cardboard box.

    Clean While Packing

    And, once you buy your packing supplies, it is time for packing. Of course, you can leave this entire process to the, who will make sure you do not lift a finger. However, we strongly advise you to do as much as you can by yourself. Pack the smaller items and all your household knick-knacks before the movers come. That will ensure that movers spend less time in your home. And, that is something you definitely want during the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, while you are packing, make sure you clean everything. Use alcohol for best (disinfected) results. Clean your home too, not only your belongings in order to stay safe and organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak. 

    A woman cleaning as you should do when you organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak

    Clean everything thoroughly in order to properly organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak.

    24 Hour Rule

    According to research, coronavirus can last for 24 hours on surfaces, including cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Thus, we strongly recommend packing everything before your movers come. Finish packing at least 24 hours before. That will ensure everybody’s safety. Of course, movers will be wearing gloves and facemasks, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your health. Moreover, if possible, do not unpack anything nor touch your furniture 24 hours after the unloading. That is the best way to make sure the virus did not enter your household and the best way to organize your NYC move during the corona outbreak.

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