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    How to negotiate with local movers – 2020 edition

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    How to negotiate with local movers – 2020 edition

    Moving today cannot be imagined without the help of a moving company. This is also true if you are moving locally. However, prices and options are not set in stone, it is possible to negotiate with local movers. Negotiation is one of the oldest and most powerful tools in any transaction. True, some transactions are fixed, you cannot change the price of the product or service. With relocation, the situation is a little bit different. So, if you want to negotiate with local movers in 2020, follow our set of advice and you should get a lower price. Let’s begin!

    Do your research on a moving company and law

    If you want to get anywhere with your negotiation, you have to do your research first. That way you’ll get some basic knowledge about the moving company in question, and you’ll be able to negotiate.

    By doing your research, you’ll get some leverage over the movers in your negotiation process. This is certainly the necessary premise if you want to save money on your move. If nothing else, they will see that you have the knowledge and that you are not going to be swayed easily.

    Also, it would be good if you could inform yourself about the law on moving in general. You have to know what you can do, what is expected of a moving company, what you cannot do, and what they cannot do.

    Negotiate with local movers online on a tablet.

    Do your research before you try to negotiate with local movers.

    You have to know what is possible

    Before you start organizing your move, you have to have a general idea of what is possible in a moving business. Here’s what you can do:

    • You have to find out what is the average cost of relocation in your town or city. That way you’ll know if they are asking you to pay more than the average.
    • Use an online moving calculator to find out roughly how much your moving is going to cost. Remember, this is only a rough estimate. The real price depends on many more factors, such as the weight of your baggage and the kind of stuff you are relocating.
    • Do an online search for other local moving companies to compare the prices, offers, and other things. That way you’ll find the right moving company.
    • Search for a moving company online, and try to find reviews of that company. It is not so uncommon to stumble upon a moving scam. Avoid moving companies with abysmal reviews.

    You can negotiate with local movers before you sign the papers

    Two persons signing documents.
    Read the contract carefully before you sign it!

    This shouldn’t come as surprising. You can only negotiate before you sign the papers. It is not uncommon for customers to sign the documents before they read them. Don’t be that guy. A contract is there to protect both sides of the deal, and it is accepted that sides have read the documents before they have signed them. The contract obliges both sides.

    Good luck with your relocation!

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