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    How to move your office to New York

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    How to move your office to New York

    If you are considering business relocation – NYC is the best place for you. Choose the location you like the most, make a thorough plan and move your office to New York. Chances are that once you have a bite of the Big Apple, you will never want to leave.

    Have you found the perfect place for your business relocation?

    You probably know whether you would buy or rent a place for your new office. Now it is time for you to search. NYC has five boroughs that you can browse and choose the best neighborhood for you. You should take a lot of factors into account because the prices can be variant.

    At this point, you need to be very careful. When you find the place you would like to buy or rent you should always check the papers. Have your lawyer look at the lease contract. Make sure that all the bills from the previous users are paid. Maybe you could even check the installations because safety comes first. And, it is easier to deal with electricians and plumbers now than when you have already moved.

    Now it is time for you to break the news

    Schedule a meeting with your coworkers and tell them the news. You should be prepared for various reactions. Some colleagues will be thrilled, especially if you are moving from a small town. However, some will not like the change. Some of them probably have children and are not willing to change school midterm. That is why you should plan your company relocation well ahead and give everybody time to adjust, make compromises or part ways.

    a view of Ney York by night - it is a good decision to move your office to New York
    New York offers ample business opportunities for both you and your coworkers.

    Make a thorough plan before you move your office to New York

    There is no need to emphasize how important planning and organization are for the move. Set the flexible date when you are going to move your office to New York. Discuss it with your coworkers. Define a budget for the relocation. Bear in mind that moving an office or more of them is much more expensive than moving a home.

    You know how!

    If you already have a successful company – well, you must be doing something right! You have probably climbed the ladder by working with professionals and being a pro yourself. So, why would this task be different? Trust your instincts and hire a reliable moving company for your relocation.

    If you have got just a few employees, then you can be the one leading them through this move. However, if many people work for you, you will have to organize differently in order to move your office to New York. The best thing to do is to form the teams and appoint the leaders for this particular project. They should keep you posted on the progress of moving preparations. Have regular meetings and be open to new suggestions.

    Woman pointing to post-it notes on the wall, colleagues watching
    Good organization is the key

    Inform your employees that they should be present on the day when you move your office to New York

    Of course, the professional movers are there to do the job, but the workers should pack their personal stuff and label the boxes. That is how it will be easier for everybody when it is time for unpacking and rearranging new workspace.

    If you know what the new place looks like or you have the blueprints, share that with your colleagues. You could let them decide how to organize their part of the new workplace. This might be the moment to get rid of all unnecessary furniture and other stuff waiting to be decluttered. If they are useless – throw them away, and if not – you should donate your belongings that you won’t need anymore.

    Hire a reputable moving company to move your office to New York

    When looking for professionals who can move your offices always remember that you should book them well in advance. It could be months before they have an opening, so as soon as you decide to move your office to New York, you should contact them. Don’t be hasty to choose. There are many companies in the industry offering their services at low prices, but be mindful of the scams.

    They have the answers

    There is so much to learn about pro movers. Make a list of the companies and check their availability. Maybe you would like to know who their previous clients were because that tells a lot. Do they guarantee that they would do the job professionally? Will they compensate for any possible damage done to your belongings in this move? In case you need the storage unit in NYC, the reliable moving company would surely be able to find you such near your new office.

    When you hire professionals, you do not have to worry. They have it all – skills, equipment, supplies, knowledge and experience.

    Your business is on hold while you are moving

    That is why it is important that you move your office to New York as smoothly and as quickly as possible. By hiring professionals you will ensure both. The possibility of something going wrong when hiring a reputable moving company is minimal. The time and energy that you will save are priceless, plus you will reduce the downtime.

    A woman writing a plan in her notebook - how you can move your office to New York
    Make a good plan to cut the downtime when you move your office to New York

    Did you inform everyone?

    After you decide on the exact moving date you should inform everybody. Do not forget the news is important to:

    • Your coworkers, obviously
    • Business partners (you can send e-mails or call them directly)
    • Banks and post office ( let them know that you are about to change the address because  you decided to move your office to New York )
    • Your website visitors and social network followers (information can be put at your homepage)
    • Your suppliers (relocating your business might not be the end of your cooperation if they can be your suppliers in NYC)
    • Clients and customers (if you are the service provider)
    • Insurance company (moreover, you could consult them about the moving insurance – you shouldn’t take chances when moving your sensitive equipment or artwork)

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