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    How to move with a furry friend to NYC?

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    How to move with a furry friend to NYC?

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    In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of moving, your pet won’t exactly understand what is going on. Animals can feel the tense atmosphere during packing and moving stuff around. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you should try to prepare them for this process in advance. Fortunately, there are a lot of useful tips that will make this transition easier for your pet to handle. Just follow them and if you decide to move with a furry friend to NYC, you will know just what to do.

    When you start planning for the big moving day, it is crucial to make a list that will help you stay organized. These should include the necessities for your pet and things that will comfort it during the move.

    Important things to put in your pet’s suitcase are:

    • food and treats
    • water and a water bowl
    • its favorite toy and a blanket
    • pet waste bags or disposable litter boxes
    • a pet first aid kit
    • some towels

    Try to bring familiars items that will calm your pet down and reassure it that everything is fine. Whether it’s their toy or your shirt, a feeling of security is something that they need during the move. Once your pet is in a comfortable surrounding, it won’t be so tense or anxious.

    Bring your furry friend's favorite blanket for the moving day.

    Bring your furry friend’s favorite blanket for the moving day.

    Check the pet laws in NYC

    Even when you’re moving somewhere on your own, it is wise to get to know the city, especially the giant NYC. Before you decide to move with a furry friend to New York, you should remember to research all the pet laws that apply there. By doing so, you will avoid the trouble of having your pet detained at a quarantine premise. This isn’t a very pleasant experience so try to gather all the documents or simply contact a veterinarian from NYC. They will advise you on keeping your pet’s health certificate at hand which you can get when your pet is fully examined by a vet.

    Other important documents to carry when you’re moving with a pet are:

    • a current rabies vaccination
    • pet import certificates
    • if you’re traveling by plane a passport for your pet
    • flight reservation

    Get your furry friend health tested by a vet.

    Get your furry friend health tested by a vet.

    Move to a pet-friendly neighborhood with your furry friend

    Try to find a perfect area with nice parks and pet supply stores. Look for people walking their dogs on the streets or try to see if most stores in the area allow pets inside. With plenty of pets around to socialize with and pet-friendly stores on every corner, your furry friend won’t have a hard time getting used to the area. You should pick a neighborhood that has everything you need for a quality life with your pet. Some areas have certain rules and laws that don’t allow dogs running around freely without a leash.

    Once you research the area a bit you will know if that neighborhood suits your pet’s and your own needs. You will be able to easily eliminate those areas that do not seem welcoming enough or have too many restrictions.

    Fortunately, New York is a wonderful place with plenty of pet-friendly neighborhoods for you to pick and choose from. Central Park is a perfect place to take your dog on a walk or treat your pet to a spa day. The area also has pet goods stores and vets as well as plenty of greenery to enjoy. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than spending time with your pet in a beautiful park.

    Make the transition easier on your pet

    If you want to have a positive experience when it comes to moving with your pet, try to prepare them. You can try to bring boxes and suitcases to the living area a couple a day, so that your pet can adjust to that kind of environment. Once it gets used to boxes everywhere, the moving day won’t be that overwhelming to the pet.

    When you introduce the process of moving gradually to your pet, you’ll see that they won’t have a hard time adjusting. Get them used to a routine every day since this can help with anxious dogs as it introduces a certain kind of security.

    Get your furry friend used to a daily routine.

    Get your furry friend used to a daily routine.

    If your pet isn’t used to traveling in a carrier, show them that they can relax and feel safe inside. Put a blanket and a toy or two, leave the carrier open and let the pet explore it on their own. It might take a while before the pet warms up to it. But once they do, the whole moving ordeal won’t be as stressful on them.

    Cars can look scary to pets that aren’t used to riding in them. Start by carrying your pet inside the car and driving slowly around the neighborhood. This will allow the pet to relax and see that cars can be fun to ride in and don’t represent any danger.

    Plan the move with a furry friend ahead

    In order to have a pleasant moving experience, you’ll need to be ready for a lot of planning. Your pet will appreciate the organized air during the move and you won’t have to worry about them misbehaving.

    Some of the things you’ll need to have are:

    As far as your pet is concerned, aside from its own bag or suitcase for the moving day, your pet will need things while you’re packing. You can accidentally pack something that your pet needs at the moment and have a hard time finding it. That is why your pet will appreciate the effort to plan everything and keep the food and essentials within reach during the busy days. You’ll see and feel how the whole moving process is running smoothly and without interruptions. That is why plans are always a great way to stay on track so that you can move with a furry friend stress-free.

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