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    How to move sustainably in NYC

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    How to move sustainably in NYC

    Lately, much discussion is centering around the North Pole. It is predicted that Arctic will have been melted by the year 2070. With global warming, climate changes, and everything else going on, we don’t have to leave a large carbon footprint when relocating, do we? The damage has been done, but it doesn’t mean we should continue destroying our precious planet and all its resources. Being conscious enough about the environment, you must be wondering how you can move sustainably in NYC. How can I not be just another link in a chain? Is it possible to move to NYC in an affordable and eco-friendly way at the same time? Sure it is! Let’s find out how!

    To move sustainably in NYC, start downsizing

    As our experts from Local Moving New York suggested, downsizing before the move helps reduce moving expenses. First, you’ll spend less money on packing supplies and materials. Second, you decrease the cost of moving services. There you go, an affordable move! But how this helps you move to NYC in an environment-friendly way? You’re using less gas, less energy, and cut down on your carbon footprint. Plus, you won’t have to throw away all unnecessary items after moving into a new home, but rather enter it carefree.

    How to pack up?

    Traditional cardboard boxes can be used up to four times, but the good thing is that about 70% of them are recycled. So, once you finished with your supply of cardboard, and it can’t be reused again, recycle it. In general, people use sixty or more boxes when moving, which is a lot. Luckily, you can always ask a friend or neighbor whether they have some cardboard boxes to give you. Thus you get them for free practically, save up on the move, and protect the environment.

    Packaging paperboard
    Cardboard boxes are a good way to move sustainably to NYC as 70% get recycled and are easy to find.

    Are plastic crates a good option?

    Are reusable crates a way to go? It depends. It’s best to use them with residential moves or just-a-few-towns-over move. The reason lies in that they are also reusable, but you can’t ‘rent’ them anywhere. You must return them to a particular company once you’ve finished with them. When it’s impossible to use them any further, the company recycles them, and the process goes on. That’s how you can have a green move to NYC. The thing is that some companies require you to pick them and bring them back and so they’re not a smart investment when relocating long-distance.

    Use what you have to move sustainably to NYC

    According to Movage Moving NYC, the best thing is to use packing supplies you already have at home. By doing so, you don’t have to waste money nor lay waste. Such containers may include:

    • reusable grocery totes (for lighter items)
    • suitcases and crates
    • dresser drawers
    • gym and duffel bags

    What should you do with packing materials in order to move sustainably in NYC?

    After choosing one of the recommended NYC neighborhoods to move to, you asked yourself where you can store your belongings. But what’s with additional materials. Packing materials, such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and so on, can be recycled, but most people just throw them away. You can use the following things as a substitute for packing materials, and thus relocate in an eco-friendly way to NYC:

    • towels, fabric and old clothes (for fragile items)
    • sheets, duvets, and other linens
    • comforters
    • newspaper and kraftpaper (don’t forget to throw them into a recycling bin to move in sustainably to NYC)
    Newspapers as one of the packing materials to use if you want to move sustainably in NYC
    Newspapers are better than wrapping paper, but be sure to have them recycled once you unpack.

    Green moving: paper tape over plastic tape

    For moving in a sustainable way to NYC, use paper tape rather than plastic. The former is biodegradable, whereas the breakdown process of the latter lasts about 500 years. Find someone to move excess items out of the way, and provide you with a storage solution for as long as you need. Finally, when you finish with unpacking, know that you don’t have to take off the tape before taking boxes to be recycled.

    When is the right time to move sustainably in NYC?

    Whether moving to the Upper West Side, Harlem, Brooklyn Heights, or another part of the city, the rule to follow if you want to move sustainably in NYC is simple. There are plenty of pros of off-season move in NYC, and one is environment-oriented. In this vibrant metropolis, streets are always overcrowded, and traffic jams are normality. When spending more time in traffic, more carbon levels are released into the air. Consequently, the peak season moves are more harmful to the environment.

    How to reduce the carbon footprint when relocating?

    If moving to Queens, for instance, it’s best to work with experts, not only because it’ll be easier to move in but more eco-friendly. This moving company, in particular, retrofitted its fleet with speed gauges. They serve to indicate at what speed one can get the best fuel economy. Even though hiring a moving company is not a more favorable option money-wise in some cases, most national moving companies are said to be eco-conscious. They take initiatives to decrease the level of carbon footprint in different ways. So, check with a would-be company which measures they take to protect the environment before moving to Manhattan, Lower East Side, or whatever was the final decision.

    A loaded moving truck
    Eco-conscious moving companies can help you to move sustainably in NYC.

    Green moving means a world

    This particular text deals with how to move sustainably in NYC, but it applies to most kinds of moves. Whichever the destination might be, green moving is one big step forward. Everyone should make his contribution to the planet by following these tips and tricks. Our job is to help people move with ease, but also to inform them and raise awareness. Luckily, the internet enables us to learn new things, and if you want to find out how to protect the environment in other situations, you’re just a few clicks away. 

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