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    How to move out of a rental property – tenant move out checklist

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    How to move out of a rental property – tenant move out checklist

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    If you are renting an apartment, what to do when moving out? On what to pay attention? The moving process is not easy for tenants, it is very stressful, no matter where do you live now and where do you want to move? To move out of a rental property, with all that stress around you, it is easy to forget something to do. That is why a moving checklist is helpful. To have a smooth relocation, be prepared and start on time to organize things.

    A checklist to move out of a rental property

    You are probably not moving for the first time. But, it does not mean you are not excited and confused at the same time. Every relocation is different. If you are renting a place in NYC you already know how difficult it is to find a place you like. Rent is high in NYC also, so it is an additional problem. If you have decided to move, be fully prepared and don’t waste your time. Start immediately with organizing.

    Writing a checklist to move out of a rental property.

    Create your own moving checklist

    Reach out to your current landlord

    2 months before moving out of the rented apartment, you need to contact your landlord and notify him/her about the relocation. It is one of the first steps in your moving checklist. Of course, the first one of to search for a new place to live. And to see what are the options and where to move.

    Read your lease and there you will find how many days you have to move out and when you need to notify a landlord about the relocation. Usually, it is 60 days. But, give notice as far in advance as possible. It is better for you and your landlord too. Also, ask when you need to move out of a rental property – what is a deadline?

    Contact a new landlord

    You need to sign a new lease with a new landlord. After signing it, you need to find out some details about moving in. For instance:

    • When can you pick up the apartment keys?
    • What is moving-in day?
    • Will your landlord be present when you complete a move-in damage checklist?
    • Double-check utilities you need to set up?

    Hire a moving company

    If the furniture is yours, how will you transport all those items to a new apartment? As you already know, NYC is not cheap, and rent is one of the highest in the country. So, to save more money on relocation, find a cheaper moving company to help you out with the moving process. Always search for affordable yet reliable service and your items will be in safe hands. There are so many different ways to cut some of the moving costs, even in New York. If the furniture is not yours, still you need to move other items. In both cases, you will need a professional mover.

    For rent sign.

    Find a new place where you want to live

    Rent a storage unit

    Why should you consider renting a storage unit when moving? How can it be helpful?

    • If your new apartment is already furnished and you have your own furniture, where will you put it? Renting a storage unit may be a perfect solution if you don’t what to throw all those things or to sell them.
    • If a new place is too small for all your items, find a safe place to store.
    • If you have been evicted (to move out of a rental property in a couple of days) and you did not find a new place yet. Put all your items in a storage unit.
    • You have bought a home, but you need to renovate it. According to professional movers U. Santini Moving and Storage, it is easier to renovate the home when it is empty, without any items inside. So, arrange for a proper size storage unit in NYC and renovate with peace of mind.

    Start packing

    Start packing as soon as possible. First, gather all the moving supplies you need for successful packing and moving. proper supplies are very important, especially when it comes to moving boxes. Don’t pack fragile items in old boxes, it is not safe. You need new and firm boxes. 

    Set up utilities

    Before you move out, you need to set up gas, electricity, cable, internet, water, and trash – these all the basics. Set an end date for the current unit’s service and a start date at your new address – that is all you have to do. It won’t take you a lot of time, just contact your service providers.

    Register address change

    Besides setting up all the utilities, you must change your address in your documents. Just contact USPS, and the process will be easy. You need to enter your new address, to check if the address is permanent or temporary, and to select a forward date. After registration, update your address with your bank, credit card companies, medical offices, magazine subscriptions, and everywhere you need to.

    Loading items into a moving van.

    Pack like a pro and find all the right moving supplies and equipment

    Renters insurance

    You will probably need a new renters insurance policy after moving out, of course, if you are going to rent another apartment. It covers your belongings in case of theft or if someone is injured on your property.

    Clean an apartment

    Don’t leave the apartment in a mess. Also, take photos after cleaning it, just in case. Of course, rental property maintenance is important, and you cannot get your deport back, for example, if something is broken or damaged. A landlord will come for an inspection. If you had artwork on walls, patching up the nail holes is highly recommended.

    Explore a new neighborhood

    Before you move out of a rental property, choose where you will move and where you will rent another apartment. Explore a neighborhood and see it is good for you, and your family. Especially do it if you plan to buy a house.

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