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    How to make friends after moving to Dubai

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    How to make friends after moving to Dubai

    On November 8, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    It is in human nature to want to spend time with other people. We simply have to feel like we belong in society in order to feel content and complete. This is really important after moving to a new city or a country. Because after you move you are going to experience all sorts of troubles and you might even feel down at times and it is important to have someone by your side who is going to help you get through it easier. And when you move to Dubai, at first you will feel misplaced and lost because Dubai is a place like no other. It is very expensive and luxurious and if you are not used to living among upper-class people, it will be a drastic change in your life. So what you want to do is make friends after moving to Dubai as soon as possible. But how to do that?

    Leave your new home

    Even though moving is a very tiring process that takes a lot of time and energy you will have to leave your new home in order to meet new people. Most people say that they can’t leave the house until they’ve unpacked everything. And as unpacking makes a lot of chaos, they stay at home for days, cleaning. So here are some tips to avoid making chaos while unpacking so that you can leave your home as soon as possible and start socializing. And bear in mind that meeting people online just after you’ve moved to a new city is a very bad idea. It is best to meet people in person anyways. That is how people have been making friends as long as humankind exists, why change it now?

    A woman at home, looking at her laptop, holding a glass of drink.

    Meeting people online is not a very safe thing to do. It is best to meet them in person.

    Where to go?

    Okay, so you decided to leave your home but where do you go when you want to meet new people? It’s a problem we all face at some point. The best place for meeting new people is a bar. Get dressed nicely one night of the week and go to a bar. There are plenty of shisha bars in Dubai as shisha is very popular there. Here you could easily start a conversation with anyone. There are plenty of locals and tourists in these bars and you will have some fun for sure. A great number of shisha bars even hosts parties. Parties are also a good place for meeting new people. This is when people are the most open to talk to strangers.

    Another place where you could go if you want to meet new people are coffee shops. Sitting alone in a coffee shop attracts attention and you might just catch someone’s eye. It sounds like something that only happens in movies but there are a lot of people just like you and they are also looking to make friends after moving to Dubai. And if you see someone sitting alone, approach nicely with a smile of your face and ask if you may sit. Later on, explain that you are just a newcomer looking to make some connections in the city. Most people will be open to talk to you and even share some valuable information on where you should go and what you should see. Even if you are moving locally in Dubai, meeting new people this way is amazing.

    Cup of coffee perfect for you to make friends after moving to Dubai

    Sharing a cup of coffee with a stranger is a nice way to start a friendship.

    Go to the gym

    The gym is another place where you could meet someone to spend some time with. It is also a good place for many conversation starters. Hiring a professional trainer from Dubai PT is an amazing way to make some connections. Your trainer can introduce you to some of his clients that he knows and works with. You could even start exercising together. And not only is the gym good for meeting new people but you will also stay in shape after moving, which is even more important.

    Training in groups

    If you are not a huge fan of the gym, Dubai has plenty of options. Zumba is a fun way to exercise and it is also a nice place to meet someone new. Having a friend in your Zumba class will make it more fun and you will be more motivated to exercise. Zumba is also good for releasing the post moving stress. You will only be doing yourself a favor if you start taking Zumba classes.

    Woman in Zumba class.

    Zumba is an amazing stress-reliever – you might make friends after moving to Dubai in one of the classes

    Your coworkers can be your friends as well

    There is one thing that people often forget when moving long-distance. Your coworkers can be your friends too, even though you have entirely different backgrounds! You have the same interests and a lot to talk about work-wise. You can also touch upon other topics and get along just fine. But remember that it is important to keep the friendship outside of work. Work is where you go to work and hanging out and having fun is done in other places. Luckily, Dubai has many places where you and your new friends can have fun and enjoy yourself.

    There is nothing wrong with talking at work with the people you like but it can sometimes be a distraction. And working your job properly should be a priority when you are working in Dubai. If you lose your job in a place like Dubai because you were unable to concentrate on your work is something you don’t want to happen. It is important to make friends after moving to Dubai but it is more important to keep your job.

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