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    How to get around New York after moving

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    How to get around New York after moving

    On November 14, 2018, Posted by , In NYC life, By , , With No Comments

    So you’re lucky enough to have recently moved to New York. First of all – welcome! Whoever you are, New York is happy to have you. And you’re probably happy to be here and eager to get started with your new life. But the Big Apple is big in more than just name. With an area of more than 300 square miles, the sheer size of the city can be confusing especially if you’re moving from a small town. Newcomers like you may, therefore, be wondering how to get around New York after moving here. But there’s no need to worry! As with everything else, New York lives by the old adage that variety is the spice of life. Which is to say, there are plenty of options to choose from!

    Walking: how to get around New York on foot

    Walking is definitely the cheapest way to get around the city! But it also gives you a chance to experience its vibe and spirit first-hand. Never are you closer to everyday life and culture of a place than when you are sharing the sidewalk with locals ignoring you as they go about their usual business. So if you are wondering how to get around New York after moving here, consider walking as much as you can especially in the early days.

    Keep in mind however that New York is bigger than your average city. What looks like a 5-minute walk on a map can easily turn into an hour in reality. And remember that New York is as busy and as on-the-go as it gets. The sidewalks are narrow and people are in a hurry. Try not to stand in the way!

    Crowd of pedestrians in a street.

    Crowded streets are a part of life in New York.

    Bikes – equally environmentally friendly, but faster

    If you are not much of a walker, biking is another good and relatively cheap way to move around New York. It will get you out of the crowds of busy streets and even busier public transportation while keeping you fit and green. Not quite ready to commit and buy your own bike? The City Bike program has you covered. You can rent a bike when you need one to test out the method. Get an annual membership if you like it!

    Public transport: how to get around New York by bus or train

    New York has a very developed system of public transportation operated by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). There are almost 6,000 buses on over 300 different routes and 472 metro stations. In the beginning, you may find this variety somewhat confusing. But you will learn to appreciate it with time as you realize that the public transport connects virtually any two spots in the city and can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. If you are wondering how to get around New York after moving here and want to look and feel like a local, public transport is the way to go!

    You will find a bus station marked by a blue sign every 2 or 3 blocks. It will indicate which lines stop there. When you see your bus approaching, you should wave your hand to let the driver know you want to board. Once on the bus, just press the “stop” button to indicate you wish to get off at the next stop. You can pay in cash (only exact change in coins) or with a MetroCard.

    A MetroCard will also get you on other forms of public transportation, the subway being the most popular one. The New York metro is one of the oldest, but also largest and busiest in the world. It’s easy to see why! It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is probably the fastest way to get anywhere in New York. Well, almost anywhere. If you’re going to or from Staten Island you will need to look elsewhere for transport!

    Subway sign in New York.

    Subway is the most popular means of transportation in New York.

    Take the aerial tram to Roosevelt Island

    Running between East 60th Street and Second Avenue and connecting the Upper East Side in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island is the Roosevelt Island Tramway. It is an aerial tram with a history that dates back to 1976. Its intended purpose is to help commuters move between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. But it is also popular with tourists as it offers a unique view of the city. Although it is not operated by the MTA, it is a part of the public transportation system and you will need a MetroCard to get on it.

    Experience the waterways on a ferry

    If you are wondering how to get around New York after moving here and suddenly finding yourself on an island, you’re not the only one! This is what the latest addition to New York’s public transportation system is for. Meet the NYC Ferry. It connects Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with, at the moment, 21 terminals and 23 boats on four different lines. You won’t be able to use a MetroCard for it, but the fare is the same!

    And if you are still looking for a way to get to or from Staten Island, the Staten Island Ferry is here for you. For a great price of exactly $0, it will get you where you need to go. And it gives you a pretty good view of the Statue of Liberty too!

    Car: how to get around New York driving

    If you are a big fan of driving around in your own car, New York may not be the best place for you. But you can still do it! Just remember not to make a right on red, watch out for the many pedestrians and pay attention to street signs – many streets have very specific rules that vary throughout the day. Parking will probably be your biggest problem. There’s not a lot of space and the prices are quite high which makes parking your own car a bit of a nightmare. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress in the already stressful process of moving!

    Taxi: iconic for a price

    If you are still wondering how to get around New York after moving here because none of this quite tickles your fancy, you can always take a taxi. The yellow taxis contrasted with the grey concrete are one of the most iconic images of New York. If you see one with illuminated numbers on top (a sign that the driver is on duty and not already carrying passengers), you can hail it down any time of day or night! But be prepared to pay for this pleasure. Fees are added for distance and speed, bridge and tunnel tolls, night or rush hour rides and more!

    View of a taxi at an intersection.

    Taxis will get you anywhere, any time.

    How to get around New York after moving in the most efficient way?

    The best way to move around New York will depend on where you live, where you work and where and when you need to go. Your best bet will probably be a combination of public transportation (mostly subway) and walking. This is the cheapest and fastest way which can connect pretty much any two spots in the city!

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