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    How to Fix Scratched Woodwork

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    How to Fix Scratched Woodwork

    There are many ways to repair your pieces of furniture without breaking the bank. In addition, sometimes it’s about being resourceful and creative. For example, if you have scratched woodwork and you’d like to fix it, there are ways to do so. No need to go out and buy new things and spend more money. Stay within your budget and try some hands-on activities. Keep on reading as we’ll share some tips on how to fix scratched woodwork and make it look brand new.

    Fix Scratched Woodwork – How To

    With time, and especially if you have pets, your furniture can start to look a little rough. Don’t panic and think it’s time to throw it out and buy something new, as there are DIY ways to fix it. Meanwhile, you’ll stick to your budget and save money. If your wood trim has some nicks and scratches, you can easily repair them with some materials from the toolbox or the hardware store. As you gather the materials you need, test out the  scratched woodwork areas to see how big the damage is. Based on the results, you will know exactly what to apply and how much. Before you know it, you will have tackled this job and completed it successfully. 

    DIY tools you can use to fix scratched woodwork

    With a bit of research, the right materials and tools, and some DIY tips and tricks, your scratched woodwork will look brand new!

    Prep and Fix 

    When trying to fix scratched woodwork, it is essential to first prep the area before applying anything to it. It is important that the surface is clean and ready to be fixed. We advise that you use a damp rag and use it to clean the scratched area. While doing so, you’ll be able to take dirt and debris off the surface. Meanwhile, make sure that the rag is not too wet as you don’t want to get the damaged area overly saturated. Next, allow the scratched woodwork to dry before continuing on. Based on the results, you’ll know what type of materials and supplies you will require.

    Damage Assessment 

    As you prep the scratched woodwork, when it dries you’ll be able to tell how bad the damage is. Based on the assessment, if there is no change in color when it dries, that’s a good sign. This means that only a thin layer of the surface was damaged and that the wood fibers weren’t affected. Furthermore, whatever the assessment shows you, there are ways to fix it. 

    Woodwork in progress.

    Prepping the surface is important as it assembles the damaged area for application.

    DIY Process

    For shallow scratches and small damages, you can use wood filler putty or paste wax. Fill however much it requires to cover the scratched woodwork. Once you are done, let it dry. Then buff it out or sand it to get the right surface texture. 

    Overall, we also advise talking to a professional at the hardware store. Explain to them the damage and they’ll be able to assist you based on the assessment of your scratched woodwork. Either way, you’ll leave the store with appropriate materials and fix your items in no time. With a little bit of research and patience, your woodwork will be as good as new!

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