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    How to find the right movers?

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    How to find the right movers?

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    When moving, you want to find the right movers that fit your criteria and your budget. But that takes some careful consideration and smart comparison. To be sure that your belongings are in the hands of an expert team of movers, you need to follow some steps. Here’s how to find the right movers in 4 steps.

    Start your search for movers early 

    Begin your search for movers at least several months in advance. Especially if you plan to move during peak season, from May to September. Movers are full through this period because it is the most popular time of the year for relocation. So, to guarantee your reservation, have a sufficient amount of time to compare and research potential companies. 

    The market is full of movers competing for your attention and business. You can easily be a victim of an unprofessional, unethical company that’s striving for your dollar. So, knowing how to find an affordable and reliable moving company is important. 

    Man carrying boxes

    If you want to find the right movers, you have to start searching for them early.

    How to find the right movers?

    You only want to find the right company to help you with moving locally 101 or long distance. The best way to do it is to follow these steps:

    • Start your search online – Begin with a general search for movers in your area. Then, narrow your search based on additional research on the companies you find. 
    • Verbal recommendations – Get recommendations from people you trust. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers if they have moved recently. They can recommend a good company.
    • Customer reviews – Always read reviews and testimonials from real customers. This will give you more info about a certain company. See what people say about the particular mover.

    Narrow down your search to at least three movers

    Narrow your search to three movers that you believe best fit your criteria. Then, consider the pros and cons of their services to help you decide. Compare their services to secure the best price and the availability on your chosen date. Services like packing, unpacking, storage solutions if you need time to rent a space for your tools. Always be suspicious of a mover that gives an unusually low quote. Because that’s a red flag for a moving scam. Also, make sure you ask plenty of questions, including if the company charges extra fees.  

    Money - Compare the price if you want to find the best movers

    Compare more than just the estimates from moving companies.

    Get estimates

    Always try to get estimates is in-person. This means that the moving company comes to your home to estimate your belongings. And they’ll give you the most accurate estimate possible. But, be cautious if the company insists on phone estimates only. It’s a sign of moving fraud. 

    Through this process you can encounter with three main types of moving estimates:

    • Binding estimates – This is the amount you pay, even if your belongings weigh more or less than the estimated amount.
    • Non-binding estimates – It’s a projected cost for your move, to help you anticipate the cost. So, it’ss not a guaranteed price.
    • Binding estimates – A moving company can’t charge you more than what the original estimate states. 

    Find the right movers by checking their credentials

    When you finish the steps above, do a background check of the movers, to make sure they’re operating legally. Your company needs to have certain licensing credentials to work. So, ask them to provide proof that they have a license.

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