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    How to find a job before moving?

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    How to find a job before moving?

    On May 20, 2019, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With No Comments

    Finding a job before moving to a new place sounds like a dream. By doing so you will skip that difficult period of running around the new city worrying about how long your savings will last. But, finding a job is difficult, and finding one while not living in the area is even more so. Therefore, you better read up and find out how to find a job before moving.

    Can you find a job before moving?

    Did we mention that finding a job before moving is difficult? Well, just to be sure, we are going to mention it again. Finding a job before moving is really difficult. Ideally, you would want to find a dream job and simply move because of it. But, more often than not, you will have to move for something completely unrelated to work. What that happens you might be wondering if finding a job in a new area is actually possible. Don’t worry. It is. Although it is difficult (we feel like we mentioned this before), it is certainly not impossible.

    When to start looking

    What is impossible is finding a job a week before moving. Job hunting takes time. The more time you spend looking for a job the better the odds are that you will find one. Sure, you may get lucky and find one in record time and you will need to relocate on a tight schedule. But, unless you really qualified (we are talking Elon Musk level of qualification) do not think that you will find a job by looking for a couple of days. You need to start looking at least six months before moving. The sooner you start looking, the better.

    Prepare for job hunting

    Now, aside from starting on time, the key to job hunting is preparation. You need to be well prepared and you need to have your paperwork in order to have a reasonable chance of finding a job. So, let us go over what you probably need to take a look at.

    Get your CV in order

    Let us kick off with the CV. When was the last time you updated your CV? If the answer is “Before your last job“, or anything before that, you need to update it. Your CV is what get’s people actually interested in you. A good CV needs to be consistent and easy to read. Just consider the number of CVs that a regular employer needs to go through. If your CV is two pages of nothing but text, they are not going to read it. Place vital information on it and either hire a visual artist to design it or look online for creative designs. A boring CV is a denied CV.

    A blackboard showing steps required to make a CV
    A good CV will help you find a job before moving.

    Cover letter

    Not every company will require you to have a cover letter, but you should make one just in case. If the CV is a movie that will show your employer what your professional skills and aspirations are, then the cover letter is the trailer. It serves to tip the point of interest for your employer. It needs to be short, sweet and straight to the point. Also, for the love of god, NO GRAMMAR MISTAKES!

    Do research

    Once you have your paperwork straightened out, you need to do some research. Go online and find out which companies operate in your future city and how good they are. Also, don’t forget to talk to your movers about your future company. Experienced movers, like Miami Movers For Less, have spent a lot of time moving people. Therefore, they know all about different companies and how they operate. So, use the fact that you will be working with your movers for some time before moving, and inquire about your future job.

    Doing research.
    Make sure to do ample research before you start looking for a job.

    Final tips to help you find a job before moving

    With that, we have covered all you need to know about preparing for a job interview. Now all you need to do is start looking and keep your hopes up. If you do not find a job in the first couple of months, don’t worry. That is to be expected.

    Got an interview?

    Going on an interview is pretty similar to going on a date. Which is why we are not surprised at the number of people that manage to screw it up. So, in order to have a decent interview, here are a couple of things you need to set straight.

    • Tidy yourself up  – Looking sharp for an interview is a must. A haircut, shave and a clean suit is all you need. Throw in some professional makeup, if you want to, and you are done.
    • Be honest and confident –  It is in your best interest to be both honest and confident. The people that are going to hire you have done hundreds of interviews before you came through their door. Therefore, they’ve probably figured out how to tell if someone is faking it. Be yourself and be confident in yourself.
    • Show them that you’ve done your homework – Let your employer know that you have studied up on the city and on them. This will help them see you as a serious candidate who knows what they are doing.
    A man fixing his tie
    Prepare for each interview, you have to look presentable

    What happens if you do not find a job before moving?

    If you do not find a job before moving, you might need to make certain adjustments. You can still move there and live off your savings. Or you can consider staying here until you’ve found one. If you choose the second one, you will need to talk to your movers in order to postpone your relocation. There are Hollywood based moving companies at your service that can reschedule your move at a low cost, but it is still going to be more costly than moving as planned. So, carefully weigh out the pros and cons of postponing a move, before you do it.

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