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    How to feel at home after moving from NYC to Austin

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    How to feel at home after moving from NYC to Austin

    Moving from NYC to Austin will be a huge change. But changes are often good. You can start your life anew here and chances are it will be more peaceful than what it was in NYC. Sure NYC is an amazing place but it also has its problems like traffic, overcrowdedness, and process of course.

    What you can expect when moving from NYC to Austin

    • the prices are much lower
    • you won’t be seeing snow any time soon
    • you will be able to drive your car and park wherever you like
    • people are much friendlier
    • food is amazing

    As you well know there are many benefits of moving to New York but there are some to moving to Austin. Now that you saw how great this can be let’s talk about feeling homesick and settling in your new Austin home.

    Texas food (bbq)

    Prepare for the most amazing food you ever tried.

    Settling in your new home

    The best way to start your new life is to unpack as soon as possible. Of course, unpacking everything and settling in is not as easy as it sounds. Chances are you will be very tired from your relocation. Of course, pros from the area can assist and help you to do this chore quickly. Hiring local movers is the best way to unpack and settle in after moving from NYC to Austin.

    Things you can do to feel at home

    There are many things you can do to make yourself feel at home. Besides unpacking of course. That job will do But after they are done you can start decorating your new home, maybe even doing some DIY home improvements.


    Yes, Texans really use this phrase. You will feel more at home once you explore your new neighborhood, meet new neighbors and befriend them. Another great thing about that is that locals can show you all the great places, not even TripAdvisor knows about. Of course, if you start missing your old friends you can always get in touch with them using the available apps and you can make plans to visit each other. Plane tickets are not as expensive as they used to be. We noticed that NYC seniors prefer Florida and younger people rather go to Texas.

    A few girls talking and smiling after moving from NYC to Austin

    This will be fun, we promise!

    Before we go

    You should know that it’s completely normal to not feel at home right away. Feeling homesick is normal even if you wanted this relocation. These are all normal feelings. You should know that it will go away pretty soon. After you are done with unpacking and making yourself at home and most importantly after you find some new friends that feeling will go away.

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