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    How to choose the best neighborhood in NYC

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    How to choose the best neighborhood in NYC

    On September 7, 2018, Posted by , In Moving tips, With No Comments

    Whether you are planning your move to New York City from another place, or you are a New Yorker looking for a neighborhood change, we’re here to help you to choose right.

    When choosing the best neighborhood in NYC, you need to take into account what you need and what you want out of it. Each NYC neighborhood has its own good and bad sides, so it is important to research which ones resonate with you in a good way!

    First steps are steps.. literally

    Before you decide to start the moving process, you will learn that some preparation and planning are necessary in order to make a smooth transition. You will also want to learn about how to prepare for relocation stress. If you prepare yourself well, the overall stress will be much lower.

    What are the things you should take into account when moving to a neighborhood in NYC? Start with visiting and exploring the neighborhoods in person. This will help you get into the vibe of the neighborhood and how it makes you feel. Pay attention to anything that interests you: are there some nice restaurants, cafes, bars. Is there a library nearby? Find out about anything that you consider important because NYC has it all, there is absolutely no reason to compromise on these things! How do you feel when you’re walking the neighborhood, do you feel good and welcome? Also, try to find some friends who are locals who won’t mind sharing their experiences honestly. If you present them with your situation, they might be able to advise you whether the neighborhood would suit you or not.

    Consider the costs carefully before you decide what will be your neighborhood in NYC

    New Yorkers notoriously overpay their rents and houses. The tough market, high rents and stressful apartment hunting might make you want to cut the game, overpay the place and get done with it. However, you shouldn’t do this. Bare with it, be patient and the right apartment will show up. Consider the less hyped, but up-coming neighborhoods in one of the outer boroughs of NYC.

    The right kind/amount of commotion

    One of the key elements in choosing the neighborhood in NYC is making the right assessment of how much of the daily commotion you can take. If you like lively neighborhoods, that’s great, but remember that the other side of the coin might be the neighboring nightclub which will blast music until 4 a.m. on weekends.

    If you like your peaceful morning routine, you can explore some of the quiet neighborhoods in NYC. Even though New York is the city that never sleeps, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

    Closeness and convenience of the public transportation

    New York City has a great public transportation system. However, you might want to check how well-connected your prospective neighborhood is to your workplace. Also, if you have a friend-base already in NYC, consider will the neighborhood you choose affect your social life. Make your life easier and choose a neighborhood with right commuting options!

    The neighborhood should support your lifestyle

    Your current lifestyle should definitely inform your decision of choosing the best neighborhood in NYC for you. If you have a family, you might want to learn about where the good schools around your neighborhood are. In case you own a pet, you might want a neighborhood with a lot of green public space. If you are single and concerned about your safety, you will like a neighborhood with good lighting throughout the night. Just think about all these factors when choosing what’s best for you. Also, how much is a community important to you? Brooklyn is famous for its community-oriented lifestyle, so you might explore the neighborhoods in Brooklyn if this is your thing.

    How much space do you need can tell you what is the best neighborhood in NYC

    This question is really a deal breaker. If you work from home – so, you need an office or if you like gatherings at your home unless you are rich, Manhattan might not be what you are looking for. You can find lower rents or real estate prices in Queens or Brooklyn.

    Astoria is one of those neighborhoods that offer more space for your money. It is well-connected to Midtown Manhattan by direct trains, and also to the JFK airport! On top of it all, there is a great sense of community with a diverse population coming from all over the world, and some great international cuisines all around!

    In case you like to fly solo and you don’t need so much personal space, you will have more options to choose from in any of the NYC neighborhoods. New Yorkers are used to living in small, even cramped spaces, as almost everybody is ready to tramp some of their comfort for the chance to live in the center of the world!

    List of the best neighborhoods in NYC to live in, according to locals

    • Astoria, Queens
    • East Village
    • West Village
    • Lower East Side
    • Upper East Side
    • Prospect Park and Crown Heights
    • Park Slope
    • Financial District
    • Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights
    • NoHo
    • Prospect Heights
    • SoHo
    • Greenwich Village
    • Flatiron District
    • Hell’s Kitchen

    Think about all the elements of the moving process

    Once you have decided on the neighborhood in NYC you want to move, and once you find a place for yourself, it is time to think about the moving process. Are you looking for moving to NYC on a budget? There are numerous tips to explore, so make sure you make a good plan for your move.

    When you choose a neighborhood in NYC, you are choosing much more than a place where your home will be. You are choosing a lifestyle, which is one of the great opportunities that the city that never sleeps has to offer. So, choose wisely!


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