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    How to avoid making a chaos when moving in

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    How to avoid making a chaos when moving in

    On September 28, 2018, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    The majority of people dislike moving to a new home, which is why they never change their place of residence. But this does not have to be the case with you. Of course, you have to be aware that it will be a difficult and not a simple task. However, if you take into consideration some of our tips, you will avoid making a chaos when moving in. You can easily prevent problems from happening- any move can be done perfectly when you have a good plan. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, so it is better to prepare for a relocation stress. Now, let us be helpful and start with some basic things- just think about how everything will be perfect once you have finished moving in.

    Renovating your new home

    Before moving in, or even planing the date of the move, renovate your new home. Make sure that everything is repaired that bothers you- even the most minute details. It is better to do it beforehand since you can not know how long it is going to last. Also, it is easier to clean the house or apartment when it is not cluttered. On the other hand, you can damage some of your furniture in the process, so you would have to spend some additional money on buying a new one. So, in this way, you will kill two birds with one stone- you will have your new home renovated and all of your furniture will remain intact.

    Arrangement of colors

    Make sure everything is in its place before moving in

    Finding a reliable moving company

    Although it is much cheaper to move on your own and save some money, it would be better to hire a professional and preserve your nerves. In order to find a moving company you can put your trust in and avoid the possible damage, you should:

    • Ask friends, neighbors or relatives whether they know some reliable movers
    • Make sure you start doing this on time
    • When you make a decision, ask the movers to give you a written estimate for your move

    Also, you should inform the moving company about the exact time and date of your move. It is better to do it on time since sometimes they can be late. Even if it is just an hour, it can influence your moving plan. So, just to be on the safe side and avoid a chaos when moving in, tell the movers to be at your house an hour earlier than planned.

    Plan in advance

    Labeled boxes

    Avoid making a chaos when moving in by labeling the boxes

    It would be better if you donate or throw away the things you will no longer use. In addition to this, return the things you have borrowed. They will just be a huge problem in your new home as they will only take up space you can use for other things. Also, labeling the boxes you have packed will be of great help. Not only should you write the content of the boxes, but also the room they should be put in. In this way, the movers will know exactly where to put them without asking you. And, additionally, you will be able to do other things during that time. What is also of great importance, is to prepare the essentials for two or three days. Just to be on the safe side, pack in one box clothes, toothbrushes and some food, in case that unpacking lasts longer than expected.

    Be prepared and avoid making a chaos when moving in

    You should do some research about where you can park your car or the truck of the moving company. In this way, you will not lose time and you can go straight to taking out the boxes. Also, you should have the number of your new super, manager or landlord, just in case something unexpected comes up that needs to be solved. Another thing that is advisable to do is to check when the garbage day is. You will have a lot to get rid of once you are done unpacking. So it is better to know this information before you make a mess in front of your house.

    Carrying a box

    Go straight to taking the boxes out of the truck

    And the big day has finally come

    What would be of great help to you is, if you have children, to send them over to some of your friends or relatives. This also applies for your pets. Since this will be a very busy day, it is better not to have disturbances, or even some additional mess to clean up. But, if it is not possible, you should have a strategy for moving in with your children around. After all the boxes have been put in the right room, you should start unpacking. When this is done, be careful with all you are throwing away. Check every box – maybe you have forgotten to take something out and you can easily lose it. At the end of the day, your new home will reveal its true colors, although there might be some minor things left to do.


    You can relax- you have done a great deal of work for one day

    From all of this, we can see that changing your place of residence is much more than just hiring movers and packing boxes. In order to do it without stressing yourself and avoid making chaos when moving in, it is better to have a detailed plan. When you are following the plan everything is much easier and the things are done much faster. Also, it is better to have in mind that the mental picture you have about how you new home is supposed to look like, is maybe not going to be realized the very first day. But you should not worry about this since those can be only things for decoration, which anyway, should be placed with care. Just keep in mind that, after all of this, your new home will glow and you will be able to enjoy everything it has to offer.

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