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    How much to tip movers?

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    How much to tip movers?

    Let’s face it, moving is not an easy thing to do. The less experience you have, the harder it will be to pull an efficient move. You have to think about a lot of things that are all really important. For instance, deciding which day is the best moving day for you is often a very tricky question to answer. Next, you have to organize the whole process of packing your belongings the best way possible, as well as decide where to donate some of your items. Another really important thing to do is to find a good moving company and hire them. This is a really complex issue, as there are a lot of things to think about such as which services will you apply for, how much to tip movers and how much should you help them.

    A good moving company is almost always crucial for an efficient move

    Finding a good moving company is very important. One of the best signs of whether a moving company is a bad one, a good one, or a great one is what types of services do they offer. For instance, hiring the Four Winds Saudi Arabia would be a great idea, as they don’t just load and unload things, ut can actually help you with other things related to moving. Never overestimate yourself when it comes to things as important as moving to a new home.

    A calculation on how much to tip movers

    Finding a good moving company is very important when planning a move


    When you hire a moving company, you are hiring professionals who are there to make the move easier for you, so spending some extra money for hiring that 10 percent more expensive company, that has a lot better reviews than that a bit cheaper one, would be money very well spent. So, once you finish with your move, choosing whether or not, and how to tip movers is an important question.

    Make an inventory list!

    Movers provide very useful assistance for your upcoming move. Seeing how hard they work and for how long, are all factors that are important when you are thinking about how much you should tip movers. So, if you would like to use their services as less as possible and save money by reducing the duration of the move, you should definitely make an inventory list. This may seem a bit unrelated at first, but creating an inventory list is one of the best tips you will ever get when it comes to moving.

    dollar bills

    Tipping the movers is the polite thing to do

    So, why is it so useful when it comes to tipping movers?

    • It helps you pack more efficiently – First of all, by creating an inventory list, it will be a lot easier for you to organize your packing process and moving checklist. You will have a complete list of all of your belongings, which will be greatly beneficial.  Our advice is to make a separate inventory list for each of the rooms. That way you can plan and pack room by room. You will be able to easily see what things you don’t need anymore too. Also, you can plan what goes in each box so you don’t overpack them. Doing this, you will be able to pack yourself so you won’t have to hire movers for this too.
    • It helps you unpack more efficiently – We recommend that you mark each box in relation to which rooms it belongs too. If you do this, it will be easier to instruct the movers where to put each box. This will, in turn, make the overall moving time shorter. So, when you are thinking about how much to tip movers, they will have worked less this way.
    • It is an important document – If you hire a good moving company, you will have the peace of mind when it comes to moving. However, sometimes, no matter the quality of the movers’ work, accidents happen, so you have to file an insurance claim. Providing the inventory list can save you money and time, as it is a document you have to at the ready.

    How to tip movers, besides with money?

    Figuring out the best way to tip movers is not only limited giving them money. With the use of the inventory list, you can see which items you don’t need anymore. This does not necessarily mean that you should throw things away. Sometimes, you simply realize that some cool things that you have, are not needed anymore. You can donate these things, or you can offer them to movers. Perhaps you don’t need those two TVs anymore? Offer them to the movers then. A lot of other things may also feel hugely rewarding for the movers, even more than money. Plus, this is a good thing if moving on a tight budget as you will have fewer things to move.


    There may be some things that you can give to movers as a tip instead of money

    What is the standard way to tip movers?

    First all, tipping the movers is a very important moment during a move. Informing them that they will be tipped for a job well done, will make them work harder. So, when they come to your home, announce this. This way, you will also feel a lot better once the time to tip movers comes. Now, the generally most accepted way of doing this is to give between 5 and 10 percent of the overall moving bill.

    So, let’s say that you are moving from New York to New Jersey. Let’s say that your move costs $4000. You should give them around $300-400 as a tip. Bear in mind, however, that there may be several crews involved. For instance, one may be loading your things and helping with packing. The other one may be unloading and helping with unpacking. make sure that you tip them both.

    What factors should you take into consideration?

    Every move is a special one. For you, as the person moving, it always represents a chance to start your life anew. For them, every move is at least a slightly different story. So, you should think about these couple of things before you tip movers.

    • How complex was the move? – How many flights of stairs are there? And how far did they have to carry things? Are there any particular obstacles?
    • How did they do? – Were they kind? Were they effective? Did they finish everything in the expected time?
    • What services did they provide? – Did they just load and unload things? Or did they help you with packing? How many trucks were there?

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