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    Guide to the last minute move

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    Guide to the last minute move

    Any type of move takes a substantial period of time. But what happens when you swap 3 weeks, generally needed for packing and prepping up, for 3 days? Can anyone achieve getting ready in less than a week? Our experts from Local Moving New York shared pro tips and tricks for surviving the last minute move. Putting a bit more effort into the move is key to successfully dealing with relocation under time pressure.

    The first rule of the last minute move: don’t pack what you won’t use

    As you have a time limit, you won’t benefit from packing things you don’t need. Besides downloading the apps that can help you pack up faster and smarter, you need to figure out what to do with stuff you won’t need in your new home. There are a couple of options:

    • giving away to your friends, neighbors, etc.
    • donating
    • simply tossing (there’s not much time to maneuver with the last minute move)
    An anxious-looking woman carrying a stack of cardboard boxes
    Not packing everything that you possess is crucial whit the last minute move. Next, you shouldn’t overthink when decluttering so as not to waste precious time.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed

    Getting help from friends during this turbulent moment means a world. Even your kids can help you prepare for a move, and you can make the process fun for them. Moreover, getting children involved makes them accept moving easier. If working on your own, however, there’s no time for labeling and other little things.

    Don’t forget to pack the so-called ‘necessities’ bag when handling a last minute move

    When moving quickly, there are many things you can oversee or forget to do. However, you mustn’t forget to pack the moving essentials bag. All important items should be placed together and should stay close by so you can get hold of them at any moment.

    Clean the old home before moving to the new

    Cleaning the old home is a must. You might not have the time to deep clean it and make it sparkle, but something has to be done. You can’t leave a mess with all the duck tape and whatnot. Giving a surface cleaning will do the thing, and it can be beneficial for you no matter it’s a sign of courtesy. You may have overlooked something, and cleaning helps you find it, right? Such things often happen when moving in haste.

    A female person brooming the floor depicting what one shouldn't forget to do when the last minute move takes place
    Cleaning the old home before moving out is a matter of courtesy and can do you good. On the other hand, it’s best to clean apartments like a pro to get a deposit back.

    Movers to the rescue

    Finding the right movers is part of making the process of navigating the last minute move easier. With the proper assistance, you’ll get over everything from loading to transporting and unloading in no time; well, they will. Plus, you might damage something valuable in a hurry, whereas they won’t, and if they do, you’re insured.

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