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    Guide to finding a good rental apartment in the Bronx

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    Guide to finding a good rental apartment in the Bronx

    Finding a good rental apartment in the Bronx is getting harder and harder each year. There are plenty of amazing apartments there but most of them are taken. The demand for this place is getting higher and higher each year. The Bronx is a very popular destination now and since it’s pretty high in demand you will be needing a small guide in order to find a great apartment.

    Find a real estate agent

    Sometimes the best way to find an apartment is through a realtor. This is what they do after all. People often assume that they only deal with houses and apartments that are for sale and they do but they also do rentals. Find an agency or a real estate agent that is local (works in the Bronx). Make sure to interview them and let them know exactly what you want and need. Make sure to mention the budget as well. In order to find you a good apartment, they need to know everything. There should be no secrets between you and your realtor.

    The word hiring written on a black surface.

    Hiring professionals to help you is always a good idea!

    What is your perfect rental apartment in the Bronx?

    This is something your realtor will ask you in order to get a better picture. Here is a list of questions that you need to know the answer to in order to find a place suitable for you:

    • Do you plan to live here alone or with someone?
    • How many bedrooms?
    • How many bathrooms?
    • Do you want the place to be furnished or empty?
    • If you have fear of heights and don’t want to live somewhere high up mention that as well
    • Mention budget and what you feel comfortable with

    Those are just the first questions you need to have the answer to before your initial interview with a realtor.

    Check apartments alone too (online)

    This is something you can also do before hiring a realtor. There are websites available for selling or renting. You can find plenty there. Actually, most of the apartments are available are listed on the website called Zillow so make sure to check it out. You will see pictures there and most importantly you will get a sense of prices. That might help you define your budget. Zillow even has an app for your smartphone so you can download it and check apartments whenever you feel like it. The app is completely free so try it out.

    A mobile phone

    Luckily, there is an app for just about everything now!

    Ask around

    Asking around is always acceptable. But first, you need to find a street you like the best and then you can start getting to know locals there. Ask them to help you with your apartment hunt as well. Friendly ones will gladly help you out and maybe some of them know something that’s not listed online.

    Make sure to sign a contract

    This is very important so don’t forget! Signing a contract will protect both you and your landlord. When you finally find a rental apartment in the Bronx – make sure to talk to your landlord. Agree on some terms and put them in writing. By signing it right away you are both legally protected. If you skip this part many things can go wrong, especially if your landlord is not a nice one. You don’t want to find one day out of the blue that your rent has gone up over the night. Some buildings have rent control and some don’t but a contract is a way to go.

    Moving to your rental apartment in the Bronx

    Your final two steps will be moving and settling in. The easiest way to do it is by hiring professionals like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC to help you out. Hiring movers is especially helpful if you need to relocate in a hurry or you have kids to deal with or in case you have a lot of items to pack. Movers can do all that for you and of course, that is the only way to have a hassle-free experience. That way you will be able to focus on some more important or more enjoyable matter like furnishing or decorating your new place. That is always exciting but before that, you need to deal with the relocation of course.

    Additional help

    Movers have the equipment necessary for just about anything when it comes to relocations. But they are more than just heavy lifters. Most of them have a variety of additional services in order to be there for you every step of the way. Piano moving, junk removal, packing, unpacking, assembly, and senior relocations are just some of the additional services most of the movers are offering. So make sure to check out their website to see all the ways they can assist you. When it comes to settling in you should turn to experts nearby.

    A professional mover carrying a couch

    Hiring professional movers will make your relocation quick and stress-free.

    Settling in your new rental apartment in the Bronx

    This is your final step in this journey. In order to be done with this and to settle in you need to unpack everything. If movers are doing this part for you then you are good to go, explore the neighborhood, and focus on befriending your new neighbors. If you have to do it on your own then start unpacking as soon as possible. You cant have new friends over with all those moving boxes laying around the house. If you packed right and labeled everything you will be able to unpack within a day or two. With each unpacked box, your new rental apartment in the Bronx will look more like home, and soon enough you will be through. All of this will be a nice memory one day. Good luck with finding a perfect place and relocation of course!

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