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    Easy way to speed up your Manhattan move

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    Easy way to speed up your Manhattan move

    On February 24, 2020, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    Without a doubt, moving is an overwhelming process that can take more time than you had planned. However, packing in a hurry and have to move your belongings is not easy. But still, some people sometimes end up having to move, but not with enough time on their hands to do it. And if you have to speed up your Manhattan move, then you really get it, as it seems that time just goes faster in Manhattan. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to speed up the whole process.

    Have a plan

    It might sound that coming up with a good plan takes a lot of time. But, the truth is, if you don’t come up with a good plan when moving, you might lose a lot more time. When creating this plan, have in mind the timeline and the tasks that you need to do. This will also help you to see if you happen to be behind the schedule and help you respond in this kind of situation.

    Get some help in order to speed up your Manhattan move

    Everything is easier if you have someone to help you, so why not invite your friends and family to help you with the move? If you want to speed up the process, using all the help you can get when moving is essential. And since moving can be quite expensive, your friends and family can help you avoid spending too much.

    • they can help you decide if you should throw an item away if you decide to declutter
    • there’s a lot of cleaning involved when moving
    • there’s always some help needed when carrying heavy boxes
    • if they have a truck, even better
    • ask your friends who moved before to give you some tips
    Friends fist bump.

    Your friends can help you speed up your Manhattan moveĀ 

    After all, when going through the moving process, you can all have some fun and celebrate it in the end. Your friends can make this process not just quicker, but also more fun.

    Professional movers

    It’s great if you have friends to help you to speed up your Manhattan move. However, professional movers are a different kind of help, as they are, after all, professionals. These professionals have been through the moving process many, many times. As a result, they know what to expect and how to deal with it. But, be careful to choose a reliable company, like this one right here at

    Start packing as early as possible

    It’s reasonable to want to speed up your Manhattan move. However, if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, don’t wait until the last day to start packing. You might spend more time on the last day, trying to figure everything out, then if you start packing earlier. And not to mention how long it takes to unpack the boxes that are in complete chaos. Also, while packing, try to get rid of the things you don’t need, as there are many benefits of decluttering.

    Have a system

    Label the boxes with stickers of different colors and give every room a certain color. This will help you know where you had packed the items from one room. And it’ll help you save time on searching the boxes for a certain item if that happens. Of course, a list with all of the items in a box is more than helpful, as well. Also, you can simplify your NYC relocation, and have a system at the same time, one doesn’t exclude the other.

    The quicker way

    Just take a photo of an opened box, with all of the items inside. This way you might remember all of the things you’ve put inside. It’s quicker than having a list with all of the items, but you also understand that it’s less reliable as well.

    A clock.

    Is the quicker way necessarily better?

    Take a photo of all of the cables

    It’s hard to remember where each cable goes. So, when packing your electronics, take a photo of the back of the device, before you unplug the cables. You’ll be surprised by how easily you’ll plug them back in.

    Prepare an essentials bag

    Even though you want to speed up your Manhattan move, you need to prepare an essential bag. You don’t want to go through the moving process to find out you don’t have a phone charger in a crucial moment. You essentials bag should have these items:

    • ID and other important documentation
    • phone charger, maybe a laptop with a charger
    • a change of clothes, for the first day in your new home
    • important toiletries
    • clean sheets and pillowcase for the first night after moving
    • other important items you think of

    Donating your belongings before the move

    It’s good to have a donation organization come over and pick up your items, before the moving day. Schedule a pick-up before the moving day, as you don’t want to think about this on that day. Also, you should especially donate the larger, bulkier items, as not moving them will speed up your Manhattan move.

    Two open hands offering.

    Arrange the donation organization to pick up the items before the moving day

    Who says you have to empty your drawers?

    Well, at least you don’t have to empty out your dresser drawers. However, if you have some fragile items inside, this is definitely not a good idea. But, taking the clothes out and packing them, takes time that you might not have. So, just take the plastic wrap and wrap them up. Or, use a duct tape beforehand, to prevent the drawers from opening. Just make sure that it’s not too heavy to lift and carry to the moving truck.

    The deadline

    The boxes are inside of your new apartment, so, you’ve managed to speed up your Manhattan move, right? Well, your moving process is not completed until you unpack. And this is the part where people usually start procrastinating. Because, of course, they usually don’t have a deadline. So if you don’t already have one, give yourself a deadline. Throwing a housewarming party will do the trick – you’ll have to unpack before the people come. After all, it’ll be a nice way to celebrate and to enjoy the end-result.

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