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    Different types of pests that lurk in NYC homes

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    Different types of pests that lurk in NYC homes

    Pest of any kind can sometimes be just a minor nuisance, but sometimes they can be a real treat. Not only could they be dangerous to your home but, in some cases, these can also seriously endanger your health. Luckily, there are not many types of pests that lurk in NYC homes and are harmful. In addition, there is always a proper way to deal with them. But, the fact is no one likes them and most of us dread at the mere mention of the pests. Therefore, the best way to deal with them is to prevent them by not making the environment convenient for them to live. Or, if they are already infesting your home, call the pest control.

    Types of pests that lurk in NYC homes

    There are many guides about pests and how to deal with them available online. They are an excellent way to learn more about pest habitats, what attracts them, and how to deal with them. Of course, it’s not always possible to get rid of them on your own, but the extra knowledge certainly won’t hurt. If you are about to move to New York, the least you can do is to arm yourself with proper knowledge about insects, rodents, and wildlife that share NYC with you. Know your enemy so you can successfully fight back. Fortunately, some moving companies like IPS NYC Movers can provide additional information and help for the new residents.

    Biting bugs can be dangerous to your health

    A couple of types of biting bugs can be a real pain. You need to be extremely careful if you are exposing yourself to the outdoors, nature, and traveling too much. Even in the highly urban areas like NY, there is no guarantee you won’t encounter these small devils. Especially if you are a dog owner. Parks and playgrounds are convenient environments for your pets to pick up some and bring them to your home. Some of the most common bitters are:

    1. Fleas
    2. Bed bugs
    3. Mosquitoes
    4. Ticks

    Fleas are among the pests that lurk in NYC homes

    Fleas are those little dark dots moving through your dog’s fur. Even though they don’t possess wings they are capable of extraordinary jumps. Thanks to that, they are very mobile and can easily move from pets to your home. Besides biting, they are known carriers of tapeworm, therefore they are really dangerous.

    A small dog scratching because of fleas.

    There is nothing more annoying than fleas.

    Bed bugs

    Bed bugs are small, oval, and flat insects which are really difficult to exterminate. They feed on the host’s blood and are capable of reproducing in great numbers really fast. Even though they are not transmitting any diseases, they are quite annoying and can cause pain and significant stress. Bed bugs can be exterminated from your home efficiently but it will require professional help. They are not indicators of poor sanitation and hygiene, you can catch them when traveling or with some used furniture. So, always check your belongings if you are coming from a long trip.


    We are all familiar with mosquitoes, and hardly there is a person that was never bitten. However, not all of us know that they can be extremely dangerous to our health. They are carriers of various diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus, Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, and more. Lately, everyone should inform about the Zika virus since there are several confirmed cases in the states. There is no permanent solution against mosquitoes since they are everywhere close to water. Especially stagnant water. They are definitely one of the challenges you will encounter if you live in NY.


    If you want to avoid ticks, make sure your grass is cut short and trees are trimmed properly. They sometimes hang on trees and wait to ambush unfortunate victims who pass below. Be careful if you are going for a walk in Inwood Hill Park, for example. Also, your pets should be treated with tick preventive. There are several types of ticks recorded in New York:

    • Deer tick – infamous because of Lyme disease, they prefer woods and forests.
    • Lone-star tick – also prefer areas with trees.
    • American dog tick – larger specimens usually found in parks and woods.

    The worst thing about ticks is that they are dangerous to people and pets as well. Thanks to their contact with the wildlife, they can be carriers of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

    Rodents are also among pests that lurk in NYC homes

    The harsh truth is that many types of urban rodents are here because of humans. In order to survive, they are dependent on the garbage and food we throw away. That’s why “commensal rodent” is a term often used. The most common types of rodents in New York are:

    • House mice – small in size with round dark eyes. They can carry diseases like Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and lymphocytic disease, and are capable of damaging many things inside your home.
    • Deer mice – a very small type of mouse, recognizable for big ears. Similarly, like house mice, they can carry diseases, among which is Lyme disease.
    • Roof rats – not the biggest in size but are great climbers. Unfortunately, like other types of rodents in New York, they can carry some serious diseases.
    • Norway rats – large brown or gray in color, they are particularly dangerous. Not only they can spread some serious diseases but they can cause great damage to homes, structures, wires, and other materials in New York.

    An interesting fact about rodents is that they can do quite damage with their constant gnawing, which is usually only a way to keep their teeth trimmed.

    Mice as an example of the types of pests that lurk in NYC homes.

    Even though they look cute, they are quite dangerous.



    There are a few types of diseases and bacteria carrying cockroaches in New York. These infectious insects can invade literally any part of the city if they find a food source. They are extremely resilient to almost any condition. Also, they are extremely repulsive. Most of them have wings, but fortunately, not all of them can fly. Garbage piles, sewers, dumpsters, drain pipes, and animal carcasses are their favorite places. American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are tree types you can see in New York, so be ready if you are going to live there.


    There are several types of ants like Acrobat ants, Carpenter ants, and others. But, the most infamous for new house owners are definitely Termites. They don’t bite, they don’t sting, but they are capable of doing great damage to the wood. Therefore, they can deal some serious damage to the structure of your home. Because they can eat any kind of wood, both dead and sound wood, they should be treated immediately. Otherwise, you will have large bills to pay for repairing and renovating your home.

    Termites in their colony.

    Fire or termites, what is worse for the wood?


    These are just some of the most annoying and dangerous types of pests that lurk in NYC homes. Luckily, other types are mostly harmless and we usually don’t pay much attention to them. Some are even useful because they are acting like nature’s vacuum cleaners and are cleaning our surroundings from dirt.

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