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    Denver to NYC relocation: apps and gadgets that will simplify the transition

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    Denver to NYC relocation: apps and gadgets that will simplify the transition

    No matter where you want to relocate, the process will always be stressful and challenging. Moving away is not something you can do overnight. It requires a lot of thinking, time, and planning. All that can be very overwhelming, and there are people that simply can’t handle everything. Moreover, this is why there are plenty of apps and gadgets that will simplify the transition. We put them into different categories so you know exactly what you are looking for. If you want to simplify it, you have to download and use them. Your Denver to NYC relocation will be stressful enough as it is. Why risk making it even more complicated when you can get rid of that stress?

    Among the first apps you will need for your Denver to NYC relocation are planning ones

    One of the first things in each relocation is making a plan. Without a plan, relocation would be a complete mess. Even big companies such as Homegrown Moving and Storage suggest you prepare a plan for a Denver relocation. The plan is there to help you see what is coming next at any moment. You will also know at the same time what you have accomplished so far, what your obligations are at the moment, and what will be the next one. This gives you so many advantages that you shouldn’t avoid using. Anyone that is relocating should use this.

    The good thing is that we live in a world where no matter what you need, there is an app or a website for it. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, an Android, or any other phone or tablet. These applications can be found on any device. Among the most favorite apps and gadgets when it comes to planning, especially if you want to do it day by day, are:

    • Trello
    • Things 3
    • Google Calendar
    • ZenDay
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • TickTick
    • My Daily Planner, and many more.
    Budget plan on a tablet.
    You can plan both your relocation and keep track of your expenses at the same time, thanks to some applications.

    After you planned, you now need apps that will help you prepare a “to-do” list

    People seem to constantly confuse planning and making a “to-do” list. Even though they seem similar at first glance, there are big differences between these two. First of all, you should understand that planning is a primary step, so you can make a list of things you need to do. Planning is something in general, so you can have an idea about the entire relocation. And to be able to keep track of it, you need a “to-do” list that will help with obligations. Besides, there are plenty of gadgets that you already have on your phone, such as Notes, that you can do this with. However, it is not nearly as good as with apps made strictly for this. There will be a lot of moving difficulties to prepare for, so better just to have the right app to do so.

    Some of the best applications and gadgets for a “to-do” list are:

    • Todoist
    • Toodledo
    • Microsoft To Do
    • Google Tasks
    • To Do list
    • Taskito
    • Remember the Milk
    • Memorigi, and others.

    Now you need organizing apps for Denver to NYC relocation to be smooth

    One of the bigger challenges people face when they are relocating is the mess. All that mess, keeping the documents organized, and remembering small details can lead to stress. And since relocation is stressful already enough on its own, you need some apps and gadgets to help you out with this. Luckily, there are plenty of them, such as:

    • ClickUp
    • Sunsama
    • Clockify
    • Akiflow
    • Toggl
    • Asana
    • 24me
    • DayViewer
    • Cloze
    Person preparing for a Denver to NYC relocation.
    Instead of struggling with mess, documents, and information, download organizing apps and simplify your Denver to NYC relocation.

    To be able to meet neighbors before relocating there make sure you find the proper apps and gadgets for that

    Changing your location means that you will have to change the people you were surrounded with your entire life. And at first, that can be scary. You might feel anxious and alone. So you will have to meet new people. There are many NYC neighborhoods expats like where it will be easy to meet friends. There are also great applications and gadgets that will help you to be familiar with the situation before you even get there. Some of them are:

    • NextDoor
    • Yelp
    • Kahuti
    • ZINGR
    • Neighbors By Ring
    • BestProsInTown
    • Whaller
    • Cell 411

    What’s more interesting is that forums such as Reddit and Quora can be very helpful in this situation. Simply see where people are hanging out, and go there to join.

    It is always great to have some local stores applications before Denver to NYC relocation

    Each city has its own apps that are very useful when it comes to everyday shopping. This is something you will use every day and for different reasons. Therefore, being familiar with the products, offers, or even getting discounts or collecting points, is always useful. Furthermore, as time passes and you are more familiar with New Yorkers’ lifestyle, you will also change these apps. But for starters, make sure you download:

    • ASAP54
    • Spring
    • PS Dept
    • ShopDrop
    • Letgo
    • Fresh Direct
    • Amazon Fresh
    • Google Shopping
    • Instacart
    • Mercato
    • Seamless
    App Store on a phone.
    There are more things in your App Store.

    Research your App Store or Play Store, there are more useful things to download

    You should know that this is not everything. In addition, to make Denver to NYC relocation really as simple as it can get, make sure to research your App Store even further. In spite of if you will use them or not, at least in the relocation moment, they will be useful. Some of those will be useful after the moving day. Moreover, there are apps that you will probably love to use in your everyday life once you discover them. Search on your own and explore if there is something similar you prefer.

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