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    Criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit

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    Criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit

    Most of us at some point in our lives find ourselves in need of storage facilities and services. We usually need them when there are certain changes in our lives. It may be when we are moving or renovating our home and we need to store our things short term. We might also need them when decluttering or downsizing and we don’t want to throw anything away. Sometimes we need them long term to store some valuable and precious items. Whatever the reasons it is important to know what they are, and what criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit. With many options that exist, you should get to know these things.

    What are the criteria for choosing

    There are many criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit. The options today are diverse so you have the option of finding the storage that fits your needs perfectly. However, there are many guides with some basic criteria for making a decision are:

    • Size
    • Location
    • Safety
    • Trustworthiness
    • Price
    Teddy in a storage facility  - safety is one of  the Criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit
    Make sure that your things are safe in storage


    Size is one of the first things to consider. Storage units may vary in size and options seem to be endless. You shouldn’t choose a unit that is to begin for your needs. You also must not decide on a unit that is too small as it may not be able to accept all of your things. So, use a tape measure and calculate the space that you need. Make sure that all can fits in it. Also, make considerations for objects of irregular shape as they take up more space. Also considers your packing strategy and try to be efficient about the usage of space.


    The location of the storage may be important. This is important if you are decluttering frequently nad need access to your stuff. If you need to make frequent visits and check on your things then it’s important to choose the one nearby. However, you have to make sure that you can pay a visit anytime without too much notice of this.


    One of the most important issues is the safety of your storage. If you decide to keep your things you want them safe and sound. So, make sure that there are adequate safety features in place at the storage unit. Fire suppression systems, anty theft procedures, surveillance, and alarms are a plus. Also check if the unit is properly climatized, protected from rodents and pests, protected from flooding, and not leaking anywhere. Research about all of these aspects when choosing the storage type as they are important for the protection of your things.


    To be certain that your items are in good hands try to research the trustworthiness of the storage company. So, try to research online reviews, recommendations, and ratings of the facility. The right facility will have a good trust score and good reviews from satisfied customers.

    Person holding money
    Price is an important factor when deciding on storage


    Price is also a considerable factor in choosing a unit. Try to get the information about the price and payment options. You may have the option of paying a monthly, weekly, or daily fee. There might be some discounts available or online paying options. Be very of the facilities that are too cheap. However, make sure to compare them in regards to price and the services and conditions they provide to find the most favorable option.

    Choosing the right storage facility is not that easy. With so many available options you need to think things through. This means that you need to consult and take into account many criteria to follow when choosing a storage unit. Get informed to make the right decision.

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