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    Create a Realistic Moving Budget Using This Guide

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    Create a Realistic Moving Budget Using This Guide

    Moving can be a very expensive process. Expenses can add up pretty quickly and get out of hand in no time. To keep track of everything, you should try to set up a moving budget. You should try to create a realistic moving budget that will help you get a precise account of your expenses. Only a budget like this will help you cut your moving costs and save money.

    Set up your budget template

    The template will help you list all of the expenses quickly and with ease. You can use any software you like. If you use Excel it will give you the opportunity to calculate the cost of your move fast and make what-if analysis quickly. This template will help you play with the expects to decide on the right course of action. It should incorporate the basic expenses into categories as well as the columns for estimated and real costs.

    An illistration of a watch, ocins and banknotes as the three key factors for those who want to create a realistic moving budget.

    Get your expenses in order.

    If you are more traditional, you can make the budget table yourself or use a bookkeepers book that you can modify. Make sure you use a calculator for quick and accurate calculations.

    Budget elements

    A realistic moving budget will help you a lot in your decision-making process and can save you money. But where to start in its preparation. The basic question is how will you handle your move? You can hire professionals or you can make your move by yourself. The budget will be different depending on the option you decide on. Whatever you decide, you need to know your moving budget in advance.

    Hiring professional movers

    If you hire professionals to handle your move, you may be able to cut your moving cost. Since the movers’ fee is dependent on their time, you can calculate to cut these costs especially if the move is long distance. You should consider the following expenses:

    • Movers’ fee
    • extra insurance
    • packing services or the storage locker
    • hidden costs
    A clock and piles of coins

    Manage your time because time is money.

    Once you know the elements of your budget you can try manipulating them to cut the cost. For example, you can pack yourself to cut the cost of the packing services. Or you can disassemble your furniture to make packing and loading faster and cheaper. To get a precise estimate for your calculations contact respectable movers like Zenith Moving Manhattan to get a precise quote.

    DIY moving

    Moving by yourself may seem cheaper but it comes with its own expenses that you have to consider.

    • Truck rental fee
    • Mileage and gas expenses (travel expenses)
    • Extra equipment rental (dolly, ramp, covers…)
    • Insurance
    • Packing materials

    DIY moving can be more stressful than a professional move because it is all on your shoulders. Besides the stress and pressure, this kind of move is risky and complicated. It can even be more expensive sins a lot can go wrong. DIY moving is mostly suitable for local moves.

    Create a realistic moving budget

    If you tend to make an even more detailed budget, you should make sure to incorporate a long list of other expenses. Everything from meals and other travel expenses, commissions, storage, and other fees, etc can be calculated into a budget. However, it is important to know that besides all of the expenses you should plan and budget for contingencies. Unexpected can always happen and create an additional financial burden during your move. So, to prepare a more realistic moving budget, you should always calculate an additional 5% to your budget. This amount should be enough to help with unexpected costs.

    A person holding dollar banknotes.

    Manage your moving budget to save money.

    So, preparing a realistic moving budget is not difficult. You just have to be clear on what expenses you should count on. Also, you need to determine how detailed the budget will be. This short guide should help you start with your budget but feel free to research some more.

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