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    Convincing reasons to move to a small town in New York

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    Convincing reasons to move to a small town in New York

    Big cities are usually where everything happens. That’s especially true when it comes to NYC, the city that never sleeps. However, some people just aren’t made for that big city life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some, on the other hand, aren’t quite sure what they prefer. If you’re one of those unsure people, you might just be a small-towner deep down, and you just haven’t realized it yet. Wherever the case, if you’re considering a move to a small town in New York, we’re here to give you some of the best reasons why that could be the right choice for you!

    Small artistic communities

    People often associate “hipster” with the city, yet the two are not incompatible. Large cities undoubtedly have vibrant art scenes, but they are not the only ones. Numerous tiny towns in the state of New York are also important centers for the arts, and the individuals who make up these communities live there. There’s a good reason for this: cities are expensive, which is why many people decide to leave for the suburbs. Affordable towns, on the other hand, are well recognized for their relaxed neighborhoods, hip places to hang out, and distinctive cultures. There are other places one can go to find what’s cool and what’s going on besides the city.

    A woman standing next to a 'for sale' sign.
    Due to high costs of living and housing, many starving artists leave and move to a small town in New York.

    Affordable housing

    If you want to move to a small town in New York from the big city, one of the best reasons is the affordability! Consider how much you’ve paid for rent for a small shoebox apartment in NYC. Well, in a small town, you can rent an entire house with a huge backyard for basically the same money! So, if you’re thinking of upsizing your home for whatever reason, small towns are your best choice.


    Many people who live in small towns experience a strong sense of security in their houses. Even in small towns, it’s common for people to leave their doors unlocked when they leave for work. According to relocation specialists from A and L Moving, this sense of security can be one of the main reasons families with kids move from big cities to small towns.

    Family unpacking after their move to a small town in New York.
    Many people think that raising a child in a small town rather than a big city is much safer and better for the child.

    NYC is still close by

    If you ever decide you miss life in the big city, you can pop into NYC for a day trip whenever you want! A small excursion will remind you of everything you miss about living in a big city, but also about everything you hate. After a long day of crowded streets and noise, you’ll love coming back to your small, peaceful town.

    Empire state building and other buildings in NYC.
    Living in a small town in New York means that NYC is always a short ride away!

    Final thoughts

    There are plenty of reasons to move to a small town in New York. Generally speaking, life in a small town is much cheaper. Not only is housing cheaper, but so are the food and other necessities. On top of that, there’s less stress in a small town. When everybody knows everybody, there’s a sense of community and security that a big city simply can’t match. If you’re already thinking about it, chances are you’ve outgrown the city, and it’s time for new things.

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