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    Charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors

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    Charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors

    When you get older, you want to get away from the hubbub of New York City. You will not have to move a long way from NYC. Look at New Jersey to find a city where you can settle down in your retirement. The Garden State has a lot of pretty cities for seniors. Local Moving New York will tell you about charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors. 

    Charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors – North Bergen 

    The first city we will talk about is North Bergen. It is right over the Hudson River in Hudson County. The township has around 63,000 residents. There are not many seniors in the city 15% of the population is over 65. But the city has plenty of other benefits, let’s talk about them. 

    • The first reason to come to North Bergen is that it will be more peaceful than New York City. It does not matter where you live in NYC – the city is always alive and moving. When you are younger and trying to make your way in life and have fun, that is a very positive quality. But as you get older, you need quiet. Come to North Bergen and relax in North Hudson Park. 
    • What makes North Bergen one of the charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors is its closeness to New York City. Most seniors do not want to move away from their homes because they are afraid their relatives will not visit them. But by living in North Bergman, they can reach you under an hour. 
    • The third reason is your cost of living will be much lower. North Bergen is still more expensive than the average state because of the closeness to NYC. By moving from NYC to North Bergman, your cost of living will drop by 50%. 
    an image of Time Square
    By moving to North Bergen you will stay close to your family and friends in New York City.

    So if you like the benefits of the North Bergen, the area’s experts can jump in and move you in hassle-free. With their knowledge, the move from NYC to North Bergen will be fast. 

    Check out South Orange 

    The second city you should check out is South Orange. South Orange is in Essex County with 18,000 residents. South Orange is still relatively close to NYC but not as close as North Bergen. The city is around 20 miles away, and you can reach it under an hour via I-280 E. 

    The differences in the cost of living between South Orange and New York City are not that different. You should not expect to be paying less for daily expenses in South Orange. 

    When it comes to activities, there are plenty of options in South Orange: 

    • The number one spot in the summer for you will be the South Orange pool. Wealthy residents of the city built the pool to make it available and affordable for everyone. You can buy a yearly pass to the pool for 35$ dollars and have access to it;
    • If you are looking for fresh ingredients when your grandchildren visit, go to the South Orange Farmers Market. At the farmers market will find fresh ingredients to make the best lunch for your grandchildren;
    • The Baird Center in Meadowland Park is the center for the town’s cultural activities. 

    So if you like what South Orange has to offer, you should move there and remember to purchase moving insurance

    Charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors – Camden 

    The third city on our list is Camden. Camden is 100 miles away from New York City, with 71,000 residents. Around 10% of the population is more than 65 years old. The number one downside of Camden is the high property and violent crime rate. But the city has a lot of benefits. 

    Camden’s cost of living is way below the average of New York City. If you moved to Camden, your cost of living would degrees by 100%. The number one reason for the low cost of living in Camden is the housing market. The median home cost in Camden is 88,700 dollars, while in Jersey is 397,900 dollars. You will not find it difficult to purchase a property in Camden and when you do, look for someone to relocate you there. If you can not find someone, we recommend Gibraltar Van Lines or try and find other people to help you. 

    pile of 100 dollar bills.
    What makes Camden one of the charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors is its affordability.

    The second benefit of Camden is its location. There are two-part why Camden’s location is good: 

    1. Camden is on the Delaware River, and there are beautiful parks along the river;
    2. You are only 5-miles from Philadelphia. If you want to experience something new, you only have to cross Delaware. You can get all the benefits of the big city for much less cost. 

    You might not even have to leave Camden to have fun because the city has a lot of activities. 

    • For the history buffs, check out Battleship New Jersey. 
    • If you are a fan of Walt Whitman, you will find his tombstone and house in Camden. 

    Quick moving tips for seniors moving to Jersey 

    Since you are older, you will need help to relocate to any of the places in our article. Here are some general tips to reach one of the most suitable places for seniors in Garden State.

    • First, do not start your moving process without any help. You can get your family members to help you or hire a professional to help you move to Jersey.
    •  Second, to make your move less challenging, you should declutter and put your items in storage
    man carrying wooden char and a plant
    Movers will make your relocation to any town in the Garden State a lot faster and stress-free.


    We hope you like our recommendations of charming places in New Jersey for NYC seniors. You will be happy in any city in our article and if you need any help with moving, contact us.

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