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    How to turn packing into a game for your kids

    On August 10, 2020, Posted by , In Residential Moving Tips, By , , With No Comments

    Moving is a complicated and stressful experience for everyone involved. It takes planning, good organization, and sticking to a time frame and schedule. If you are moving with kids it is even more complicated and problematic. Moving can be hard on them and they might not except the move easily….

    How to prepare your bedroom for a move?

    By making plans about moving to another place, you are arriving along the old road many have passed before. While the excitement of anticipation of new beginnings can occupy you greatly, it’s easily spoiled by flashes from reality. You still have to deal with a tedious and unwelcoming task of…

    Guide to apartment hunting in Forest Hills

    Well, the very first thing you should know about a place like Forest Hills, is how amazing it is. And since your goal is to move here, then you also need to know that Queens has plenty of great neighborhoods to live in. That’s why¬†to even start planning your life…

    How to find an apartment in New York City with bad credit

    Cratering your credit can happen to anyone. It’s actually incredibly easy to do it. Fall behind on student loan or your credit card repayments and you’re there. Even something misfortunate like a health crisis can leave you with a hefty medical bill. Sometimes that’s enough to send your score plummeting….

    How to Organize your NYC Relocation like a Professional?

    In order to relieve the stress of moving, a good plan and maintenance of an organization throughout the process most definitely help. A well-structured moving plan enables you to stay within the given timeline all the while staying efficient. Moreover, to organize your NYC relocation as a professional would, it…

    How to save money and time on your NYC move?

    During your moving preparations in NYC, you will have many things on your mind. It is safe to say that you will be overwhelmed many times during your moving preparations. However, one thing that most people have in common is thinking about how they can save money and time on…

    Common causes of moving delays in NYC

    Moving is not such a simple process. Usually, it is a very complicated activity that requires detailed planning and organization. At the same time, even with all of the preparation and planning, unpredictable situations may happen. These unexpected situations are mostly the causes of moving delays. If you are moving…

    Office vs. Household relocations in NYC

    Usually, moving is pretty straightforward, and there is not much of a difference between different kinds of moving. For example, there is not much of a difference between apartment vs household moving. Both of them require similar preparation and packing. But there are some differences. For example, you need to…

    Non traditional rentals in NYC

    On September 28, 2019, Posted by , In Residential Moving Tips, By , , With No Comments

    Congratulations on deciding to move to New York City, the best place for young adults. With beautiful architecture and huge parks, everyone can find something they like in this wonderful place. However, no one can deny the living here is expensive. But you don’t have to buy a home, you…

    Everything you need to know about moving your garage

    Have you ever dreamed of having a bigger and wider garage? Are you tired of all the mess and junk you need to clear out from it? If you are making plans for moving your garage to another location, keep reading. This is a short guide for easy preparing, packing…