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    Californian’s guide to must-see places in NYC

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    Californian’s guide to must-see places in NYC

    Let’s take a look at some of the must-see places in NYC. This is an amazing city and famous of course but if you are not born here – it can be quite difficult to get around easily. It’s a loud, overcrowded, and a bit confusing metropolis and others really need a guide. Even New Yorkers can get confused and get lost. So, if you are moving from California here or simply coming to visit you will need some sort of help. That’s why we are here.

    Some must-see places in NYC (historical)

    We recommend the first thing to see or visit is something to relax a bit since you just arrived from another coast so head for Central Park. This is the most famous and the most beautiful part of NYC where you can simply relax and enjoy. Your next step will be something more historical but first, relax here and spend time in the place you once saw in movies and tv shows. While you are relaxing and enjoying this charming place here is a list of all historical or simply important sights you need to visit :

    • Lady Liberty – The Statue of Liberty located in the harbor is something you must see and take pictures of course. This might be the most iconic sculpture in the world so visit it and learn more about her journey there and history of course
    • Empire State Building – this is the most iconic building that you surely watched on tv whole life so take a chance and pictures here
    • Times Square is a perfect tourist destination and a must-see place in NYC
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art – those collections are something you must see once in your life
    • Brooklyn Bridge – this is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge and also it’s a tourist destination a place where you go to take pictures and see how amazing it really is in real life
    • Broadway – this is something you must see and visit, this might be the most magical place in this city
    • Carnegie Hall – the most amazing concert venue

    There is so much more to explore in NYC, so many amazing destinations it’s impossible to even count them all. These are just our top pics and a head start for you. The only downside is that you cant visit all of these in just a few days but if you are relocating to NYC you are a lucky person and you will have a lot of time to explore everything this amazing city has to offer.

    One of the top must-see places in NYC - Times Square

    Times Square is the most amazing part of NYC.

    Some must-see places in NYC (entertainment)

    We already mentioned some upscaled places like Broadway and Carnegie Hall but NYC is not all classy entertainment. There is so much diversity in this town. Some of the best stand-up comedy clubs are here (The Comic Strip Live, Upper East Side). Some of the best drag clubs are here too (Barracuda Lounge, Chelsea). Nightlife is amazing so we recommend you do a bit of research depending on what interests you and visit those cool places too! It’s important to explore more this city.

    Lady Liberty

    Visiting Lady Liberty is important but you should also check out other types of entertainment in NYC.

    Something to try (food edition)

    Some of the most famous restaurants are in this city so this is one of those “must-see places in NYC” this is must-try delicacies of this city. Street food is something you need to try. Bagels, pastrami, pizza, hot dogs, falafels are all iconic in NYC. But this city is so diverse as we said already. There are so many types of food to try here no matter if you are vegan, like only Asian food or just eat raw food – you can find just about anything. From the classiest restaurants to the coolest kiosks of Mexican food your taste buds will have the time of their life. And, so will you.

    Moving to NYC

    It’s not uncommon for people to come to visit the city and then decide to stay here. This is just that sort of a town and you need years to visit all the must-see places in NYC. Also, this city is full of opportunities, especially for young professionals. It can also be a cool place to raise kids – just find a nice suburb and you will enjoy it here. The process of relocation often starts by calling movers like SOS Moving. They can help you through the process because doing everything on your own is very hard.

    The help you will be needing

    Hiring professional movers is a way to go when you have long-distance relocation like the one from coast to coast you have ahead of you. They are hard and it’s difficult to do it on your own. That’s why people usually decide on this step. That is the only way to relocate here with no hassle and that’s what you need right? Movers can help with many things their job is not only transporting you from point a to point b. That’s why they usually have many useful additional services like packing (which can be quite difficult if you have a lot of household items or you have small kids you need to take care of instead of spending days packing).

    packing for relocation

    Packing is the hardest part of the relocation because you like everybody else have a lot of household items and all of them need to be packed properly.

    Adaptation process

    The only way to start the adaptation process and visiting all those must-see places in NYC is by unpacking first. You had a long journey and you are probably tired but if you do this part of the job now you will be able to start your new life here fresh. Something that’s impossible if you have those ugly moving boxes lying around everywhere halfway unpacked. You can’t even have your new friends and neighbors over until that’s done. If you think that might be too much for you – movers can help you with this part. Most of them have an additional service called settling in you can use to your benefit.

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